Who’s Watching the Watchmen: Part 1


If  any of you are hardcore fans of “The Watchmen” I am not going to be telling you anything you don’t already know. This movie is in need of some serious fan help. Cinemablend has done a great job reporting on the entire issue and if you need all the details you can pick them up there, but here is the basic story thus far. Alan Moore writes what is no shit, probably the single greatest comic book tale of all time. Fox options to make it a movie and sits on it for way too long.  Eventually it went to Warner Bros. then Paramount then back to WB (who should have had it in the first place considering that it was a DC comic) and then it gets the breaks put on.

Fox sued Warner Bros. claiming they still owned part of the film, which it was determined that they did, and then went on to say that they wanted to stop the release of the movie. That’s right. Fox who for the last 2 decades has proven time and time again that they would give a blow job to a dead homeless guy for a crisp dollar bill wants to stop the releasze of what could potentially be the highest grossing comic book movie adaptation of all time. You gotta love their gusto.

The problem is that from everything I have seen or read so far (and I will admit that I have distanced myself a little so when I finally do see the movie I am going in fresh) it seems like they are doing the comic justice. A lot more so than Spiderman 3 or X-Men 3 did their namesakes. I will be the first to admit, Alan Moore’s genius comics haven’t EXACTLY translated to screen well in the past, but they have never made for bad movies (o.k. maybe V for Vendetta sucked it a little). I liked “From Hell”. I like “LXG”. I thought they were decent flicks. Again they may not have been exactly what Moore envisioned for his books, but even he has stated that the movies shouldn’t be compared to his books and people will be able to tell the difference, there for he wants no control over them.

What it all comes down to my friends is that The Watchmen IS going to be great. This movie could star Keanu Reeves and Vin Diesel and probably not suck. That is how much I believe in it.  If this movie is allowed to be kept away from us, the fans, after decades of shit like Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Judge Dredd, Catwoman, Daredevil, The Shadow, Superman IV, The Phantom, X-Men 3, Spiderman 3, Ghostrider, Tank Girl, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Punisher (Dolph Lundgren), Spuergirl and Steel have been shoved down our throats and up our asses until its pouring out our ears, isn’t it time we get to enjoy another good comic book movie?

So go where ever you can and make your opinions heard.

One response to “Who’s Watching the Watchmen: Part 1

  1. ANY movie will NEVER be as good as the graphic novel. we humans have complex brains that give “our” characters voices and their own personality’s. Zach Snyder might be and alright director, but nothing compares to our own personel prefrences of the charactors in watchmen. it’s a complex comic book and zach snyders going to ruin for millions of people who have never read the comic. shame on him….steven spielberg and george lucas should have taken that script! 300 was a good comic book but Zach turned it into a homo-sexual movie….Sin-City was a good flick though.

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