Gamer’s Guide: 2009 is here!

Yay for 2009! Yay for XBox 360 and Wii! I still despise the PS3! Yay!

Alright, to be fair I have yet to actually play a PS3 but after defending Sony for 14 years since the release of the original playstation, I feel a little betrayed by the fact that the PS3 is not exciting to me in the least. Nt to mention way over priced.

Anyhow, here are somethings that I look forward too.

The first title I am drooling over is Punchout! for the Wii. Glass Joe is back baby and this game looks like it is going to be the shit! I honestly can’t wait to play this late into the night then dragging my ass to work the next morning only to fantasize about going home to play it again. Fuck yes.

GTA Expansions anyone? I originally flat out refused to play GTA4 because when it first came out it wasn’t available for PS2 and at the time that was all I had. Sure It was a case of sour grapes but it still pissed me off. I still feel the game could have been put out on that system but alas, I own Grand Theft Auto, GTA London 1969, GTA London 1961, GTA2,  GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories as well as pretty much every other game made by Rockstar, so it was only a matter of time until I bought GTA4. Now that I own it I have no idea how I survived that long without Niko Belic. The two coming expansion are called Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS) and GTA: The Lost and The Damned (XBOX 360 Download) and from everything I have seen they both look good. I have a few minor concerns about TLATD that I have expressed to Stratt, but I don’t think it will be anything that would be worth mentioning here. These games will be awesome. My major hope is that we see sequels to Red Dead Revolver, Bully or even another Smuggler’s Run. I hear rumors that RDR2 is supposed to only be released on PS3 which if that is true is the ONLY thing that would make me by one and even then I don’t know if I would. I honestly feel that aside from the occasional “State of Emergency” Rockstar is the 2000’s what Blizzard was to the 90’s.


Speaking of Blizzard, let’s talk Starcraft 2! Starcraft, for me and I am sure just about every other game nerd was one of the collest games of all time.  When I was really getting into PC gaming the three big ones for me were Warcraft, Warcraft 2 and King’s Quest. I played those games relentlessly. Then Starcraft came out and I played it like it was my religion. I swore an oath of allegience to Blizzard which brought me to Diablo, Diablo 2, The Lost Vikings and Warcraft 3. To me, Blizzard were the developers all other developers were measured against. Then World of Warcraft came out. Don’t misunderstand me here at all. I think the game is FANTASTIC. Too fantastic actually. I have never allowed myself to get into WOW because I know if I did it would consume and destroy me. It would become my life so I have avoided it like cancer. Since Blizzard was so involved with WOW for so long, that of course means that I strayed from them. Now however with the upcoming releases of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 we are going to get back together and I assure you that I will be just as geeked as I was in the late 90’s


Streetfighter 4 is coming. That’s what they keep teling us anyway. I still don’t know how to feel about this. Of course I am excited because it is Streetfighter but I will admit that I am more than a little worried. In the late 80’s and through the 90’s Capcom couldn’t be beat for fighting games. They were it. They were king shit. Even though I loved the first 3 Mortal Kombat games I still only saw them as a distant second to the Platinum Standard that was Streetfihter. Then Capcom sort of shit the bed with SF3. I mean they really let it go to hell. Then it was like they said “Awe screw it” and made every single one of their fighting games exactly the same. Nothing more than masturbation fodder for Anime fans. I gotta say, MK versus DC is pretty fucking great and SF4 will have to fight pretty hard to be a contender. I think the key will be to be a genre changer. The fighting game genre has become over saturated with shit and if SF4 wants to be a hit it really needs to stand out.


Ghostbusters the game is finally SUPPOSED to come out in the middle of 09.  Don’t be suprised if that changes a few more times. This game is slowly devolving into Chinese Democracy but I hope it becomes something. Something that is a zebra’s cock.


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