My weird ass dreams.

I dont even know where to start. I slept over 10 hours. I swear to you all that these dreams were real and I am documenting this all accurately. This is the stuff I remember.

Dream 1:
I am in a white apartment and there is a brunette girl there. I am friends with this guy who is naked and has long black hair and a goatee. We are both taking turns banging this girl. Then we double team her. A blond girl shows up and she lets us double team her as well. Then she gets dressed and she’s real awkward around me in the apartment. She starts crying and tells me she loves me and that she doesn’t want to have orgies like that. I try to convince her otherwise. She leaves, furious. Me and the black haired guy go back to banging the brunette, who is apprehensive to have sex again but we bang her anyways.

I admitted to Debias that I think the guy with the black hair was LA Raider RB Justin Fargas.
Dream 2:
I am at Petrunaks and there are dogs all over the place in the yard. Me and Jimmy Petrunak are in the kitchen talking about what we do for a living. I keep calling him a Forest Engineer for some reason. I swear to you I was drunk in this dream. I dont even know if thats possible, but I was def drunk as hell at their house in the dream. Then we are outside and we are talking about how we used to crawl out the window onto the roof and throw eggs at cars, which we really did. I keep telling him to throw eggs right then and there, and he was scared because it was daytime. I yelled at him and went back in the house. Then the cops show up, and they start piling dogs into the backseats of the cop cars. I run out of the house yelling at the cops, telling them that some of the dogs are really theirs and they can’t take all of them. They are not listening. I keep screaming at the cops, telling them this one white dog is definitely a Petrunak dog, and not one of the strays that is running around. i keep yelling and calling this dog Chesterfield. I cannot stress enough how much I am screaming at these police officers right in their faces and they are not listening. When the dream ended I threw a cup of beer into the air as high as I could like a baseball and the cup came back and hit me in the face.

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