Morons and Parking Garages

You know, in this fair city of Johnstown PA where i’m currently stuck at the moment, a lot of things here piss me off.Now, i realize that yes, there are worse places then here…and i know there are other towns just as stupid.But i don’t live there, so i don’t give a damn.I have to live here, so I’m going to ramble about a few things that piss me off.

Numero uno. Why is it called “The CITY of johnsTOWN”? Is it a city, or a town?Make up your fucking mind.Everyone says “the reason why the mall closes at 9 is because we are a small town”…but then why are we trying to be a city? Why do we have one of the largest Wal-Marts? Why do we have a war memorial AND a point stadium? Why do we have shitty local sports teams?It’s either one or the other.Hey, you wanna try and be a city, ok fine.Then change the name to Johnscity. OR, maybe come up with a new phrase that makes sense.

Welfare here (and the entire state of PA) is aweful.Everyone comes here when times are tough to try and get back on their feet again because the cost of living isn’t as high as most of the country. Hey, no problem. But why should someone who has a legit and honest reason to receive help from the government have to battle Thor in order to get it? When other people stroll right in and just GET GET GET. I don’t understand?

9-5.The mall here, (which is terrible by the way) doesn’t even open until 10 am on weekdays.It’s closed at 9.Most of the time, people don’t even feel like going out until 8 or 9…isn’t that the point? Now, our Wal-mart is open 24/7 which is great, but you can only take so much of that place before you want to set fire to small animals.Wal-marts always crowded, filled with moronic employees, and for the most part sells half-assed merchandise tricking you into thinking you’re getting a “deal”. But this isn’t about Wal-Mart.The city complains about unemployment, and how the Galleria Mall doesn’t make money…well maybe you should think? Keep the mall open until at LEAST 11 PM every night…including Sundays. Nothing against God, or religious types, but let’s get over this whole day of rest thing. The seventh day is when GOD RESTED…not when we’re supposed too. You keep holy the sabbath, not be a lazy prick.So, if you keep the stores open longer (catering to the people) you can hire more people AND make more money. See how that works? I’ve often heard people complaining over Christmas how they had to work until 10 or 11 (Christmas is the only time around here the stores are open later)…too fucking bad.If you lived in an actual CITY it would be like that 365 days a year. The malls would be open even later, if they ever close at all.

now the conclusion to rambling article.A few weeks ago a road down town was blocked off…I figured the city was yet again pretending something was wrong, but wasn’t going to actually fix it as usual. The roads here are a fucking nightmare…i swear sometimes i feel like we live in a third world country.Well, turned out a parking garage down town collapsed in the middle of the night…Now, as i sit and try and figure out why (because we hadn’t had any bad snow or anything yet at the time) i figured, what the hell, I’m gonna ask. Well, turns out the garage was already starting to fall apart, so the city, instead of fixing it, or closing it until it fell over, decided to only use half of it. Well, it came tumbling down, and crushed some cars that were parked inside. Who’s gonna pay for those people’s cars? There could have been people killed. But of course, that’s not the issue…the issue was saving money.

I know the entire country is in shit right now…i get it.But that is just plain out neglect and is irresponsible. If that would have been my car in there, i would have sued the city. Fuck that bullshit…there is no reason for being so blatantly stupid.

And that, is what pisses me off about the CITY of johnsTOWN.

For now.

– StraTT

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