Today’s PSU Update brought to you by D-B the Recruiting Mean-ie

Joe has been reportedly on the rampage since the bowl game, and was very pissed off about the defense. He has moved up the date for the Winter Workouts to yesterday, the first day of the semester. This is like 10 days earlier than usual. Only problem is that Tony Davis and Lydell Sargeant are not the reason why the secondary sucks. It’s the philosophy, not the players. You could have Mike Muscatello and Jesse Scott and they would still get torched in the scheme. I use those two as the gold standard of secondary play.

S Gerald Hodges, QB Kevin Newsome, C Ty Howle, and K Anthony Fera are all enrolled in class as of yesterday. These 4 scholarships reflect LAST year’s class, because they came in prior to the Letter of Intent Date in February. That means we could possibly get 29 commits this year, instead of the NCAA rule of only 25 per class. We’re not going to get 29, because that would mean that we can only get like 17-20 kids next year, and next year’s class might be really fucking good. Kids will not come back for 5th years, and some kids will invariably get dismissed for academics or other shit, so we’ll be fine.

This weekend is a big recruiting weekend for the NitWits, with 2010 QB “Paul Jones, Paul Jones” on hand with this year’s CB target Mike Wallace. Wallace is a HS teammate of Jelani Jenkins. He doesn’t have many D-1a offers and he’s 5’11”, so this might be a play to get Jenkins by attacking his best friend. Can’t blame them for trying, I guess. There’s other kids up there too this weekend but I dunno who. I’ll find out.

This class will be be completed soon, and they are chasing a couple WRs and I think they will land 2 more of them, Justin Brown and Shawney Kersey. Brown is the 4-star WR from Delaware who is probably the biggest flake in this whole senior class. Kersey is all but deciommited from Rutgers (3-star WR) and wants to go to PSU. Academics are a little problem and it is looking like PSU will ship him to a prep school for a year like they did with Curtis “Show Us Your” Enis and Clark. They have 5 kids in this class that can play WR, so its no big deal.

Let me think what else.

Evans did not show up yesterday at workouts which means he is basically going pro. Have a nice time making league minimum as a 6th round pick, you fucking retard. Maybin is back listed as 1st or 2nd rounder, somehow. He is also a retard. And a dirty faggot traitor.

Speaking of retards, former Doobie Brothers member Chris Baker had a decent season at Hampton and has declared for the draft. He will probably get picked up very late. By the police.

Next year’s class may be amazing. We already have a commit from the top defensive prospect in the WPIAL in LB Mike Hull. Paul Jones is the best offensive player in the WPIAL, and may actually commit to PSU this weekend. That’s beyond enormous for Penn State, who never chases kids before the current class is completed. What is happening is that the juniors and seniors in HS have been playing football while Penn State was strong, instead of dogshit prior to 04.

It looks like its a done deal that Larry Johnson is leavuing for the DC job at Illinois. Thats horrible for our recruiting, but if we shift the focus back to Pittsburgh and PA, I think we can crush Pitt. Instability at BC is also helping PSU right now, as a CB commit named Jim Noel is going to PSU this weekend too, I believe. The loss of Johnson will be tremendous, but there are names circulating already. One is former NFL’er and PSU alum Brandon Noble, who was an excellent NT in the NFL for awhile. Another is Greg Gattuso of Pitt, and a guy from College of the Sequoias in California. I think that is a junior college, and I am not sure what sense that makes as far as recruiting goes. You have to remember that recruiting is a major part of hires nowadays. The LJ move to Illinois is because Locksley (DC last year) was a great recruiter in the Maryland/DC area and now he’s gone. LJ is a natural replacement, much to my chagrin. But they have got to make the right hire at PSU. PA and south Jersey are loaded with a lot of bigtime prospects for 2010.

Any questions, email me and I’ll find out.

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