Who’s watching the Watchmen: Part 3 Conflict Resolved!!!


Fox and Warner Brothers have FINALLY come to terms with each other and will be releasing the Watchmen on time and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have any confirmed details yet as to what the terms of the settlement are, but something tells me Fox made out o.k. Now lets just hope that this movie can deliver the sales figures.

Normally I HATE when it all comes down to numbers because I don’t think that is any kind of way to judge a movie. Hell, Beverly Hills Chihuahua had a decent weekend at the box office once upon a time and that doesn’t make it good. However, if this movie does deliver that further opens the possibility of GOOD comic book movies making a full return. If it doesn’t do well enough to cover all the legal fees now associated with it we will still at least have the movie but some bean counter somewhere will continue trying to convince Hollywood that making a comic book movie fanboys actually enjoy is a losing venture and no one wants another Daredevil movie.

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