PSU class has flexibility…like your mom.

The one thing that keeps sticking out to me is how much flexibility we have with this incoming class. What big programs have is depth at each position. There is a hardly ever a time when a major program loses a kid and the replacement is worse than Droz when he replaced Hawk in the LOD. Penn State is getting to the point were they have nice depth at all slots.

Penn State got into a recruiting fiasco because they are largely fucking retarded. When you have Carrot Top and Scrap, aka JaPa, running things, you can assure a 70% level of mental retardation. We have not had good depth at all positions in a few years. Penn State basically would realize, “Hey, we have 3 RBs who are Jrs or Srs, and no one behind them. Fuck it, we’ll recruit a RB NEXT year.” You can’t do that. They are realizing now the errors of their ways, which are numerous.

Larry Johnson is solely responsible for the depth of the defensive front, a PSU strong point right now. He’s basically the only coach who understood how to recruit, but now I think they are all starting to “get it” a little bit.

One way they are “getting it” is through the amount of flexibility we have with this incoming class. Of the 25 commits right now, 6 of them can play multiple positions, where needed.

Yesterday’s addition of John Urschel gives us even more depth on the o-line, but he can also play DT. He won season awards at both positions this past year. It was important for PSU to land a couple DT’s because of the suspensions we had to deal with, that cost us the depth we needed there in 2008. As an additional testament to Johnson’s efforts, expelled DT Chris Baker will be entering the draft and I think he will get picked up late. Also on the DLine are Jordan Hill (some say the best PA prospect in this entire incoming class). Another 2 way player we have on the DLine is Cadogan, who’s brother will be graduating this year from the O-Line. This is especially good because I think that the 4-star commitment of Sean Stanley will be a bust. He has since lost a star and is now a 3-star prospect that does nothing at all for me on film.

Cornerback Derrick Thomas is someone we may need on offense. He had a monsterous season offensively, and fans are really hoping we can get enough CB’s in there to ensure Thomas plays on offense. There are 6 kids who can play WR for PSU in this class, and Thomas is w/o question the best so far. Another WR is white-boy Christian Kuntz, who is already being targeted as a Safety. That’s exactly what we need: more white Safeties who have slightly above average speed. That theory worked very well for us against USC as that Williams kid scored touchdowns with his hands tied behind his back.

Curtis Drake is a kid who can seemingly play any position he wants on the field. He was targeted as a CB but won PIAA player of the year honors on offense. Many think he’s a WR all the way.

There’s a lot of great names that me and Debias and Dolan are gonna have to settle on when Gary Gilliam starts playing. The giant TE/DE from Hershey could be named, but is not limited to:

Mr. Goodbar
Kit-Kat (pretty great nickname)
“The Hershey Kiss” Gary Gilliam
Sexual Hershey’s Chocolate

I’m leaning towards Kit-Kat.

He is 6’7″ 245 and might seriously complete in 2009 for the 2-deep at DE. We have some really nice depth at TE, which I would like to see on the field, being that Andrew Quarless is about as effective as I was at TE. Actually, i was way better than Quarless, because I didn’t drop 77 passes a season.

I will try my best to get out another story tonight because I know you are all hungry for the knowledge.

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