PSU Update 01/22/09

Got a few notes.

First being that we received another commit. 2-star CB Mike Wallace has committed to Larry Johnson. Wallace is a very close friend of Jelani Jenkins and plays on the same team as him. I’m not sure what the real reason is behind this, but I think its probably somewhere in the middle. Its clearly a play to get Jenkins, but this kid is pretty decent as well. He’s a good kid with good character and grades. We needed another CB, but the friendship with Jenkins was definitely a part of this.

Side note: LJ is all over this HS for 2010, theres a few kids we are chasing.

It looked as if CB Jiim Noel, a BC commit, was coming this week for an official visit but those plans are scrapped. Frank Spazziani, the longtime DC up there, has been elevated to HC. Spazziani is a very good coach who has been there for years and I am happy to see him get the nod. I wanted him to get that spot when O’Brien left for NC State, and this promotion was long overdue. Looks like Noel is staying with BC.

More on the CB spot: The Wallace commit has given the staff room to move Derrick Thomas to WR. This kid is a machine and will def. challenge for time next season as a freshman.

Justin Brown continues to play the recruiting game, and I’m not fuckin’ talking about him. I will say though that Schiano has stopped by for an in-house visit. Papa Joe will follow suit next week. Looks like Vanderlinen and Carrot Top also stopped by this week… they seriously go there every week, and I’m not fucking kidding.

Bradley is taking the next 2 weeks to carpet-bomb western PA for 2010. He is already all over the place getting film from HC coaches over there and I am loving it. He has already personally brought in the 2 best 2 players in the WPIAL for 2010 in Mike Hull and Paul Jones. I did see a really great quote by Hull: “I’m going to be the next great LB at Penn State.”

Speaking of LBers (great segway on my part) Chris Colasanti is getting redshirted. Colasanti was supposed to be the next great LB at PSU himself and he came in slow and stupid. The staff was pretty disappointed with his development, but I guess he’s showing improvement now. They are setting up a huge MLB battle for 2010 between Colsanti, Carson, Mauti, Stupar, and maybe Mike Hull. I think Gbadyu might also be in there.

Looks like Stupar has moved ahead of Mauti on the OLB chart. Dailey will also be in this battle and it will be a great one. Dailey is also being looked at at SS. He’s white and slow.

We are in the final 3 for DE Lanford Collins. Collins is real weird and quiet and is probably a child molestor.

For 2010, we are chasing a FB in Frederick MD named Zach Zwinak. We’ve had a lot of success with Frederick, MD kids… like Zack Mills. I can’t even contain the excitement.

We’re looking good for next year’s class.

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