Shut up about Slumdog Milionaire.

Seriously, shut the fuck up. Slumdog Millionaire isn’t that good. No movie is, but Jesus Christ its a lower budget independent film shot in another country and its actually watchable so every cock licker that normally gets off on shit like “The Lake House” is out talking about how interesting it is. It is the same kind of shit that went down with Sideways and I<3 Huckabees. A bunch of overly pretentious  douche nozzels that have no business talking about movies start spewing their unwanted opinions all over the place and all of the sudden its hyped to some ungodly level, except of course for the fact that I actually saw Sideways and Huckabees before every Tom, Dick and Ass banger started talking about them and they were pretty decent.

The Super Bowl was last night and there were some pretty exciting trailers during the commercials. I think 2009 is going to be a huge year for movies for a couple of reasons. 1) People need to escape the mundane. 2)Studios have been taking a pretty big loss just like every other industry and will hopefully green light a few projects that perhaps they normally wouldn’t have and 3) because it looks as though all of the movies I have an interest in seeing are actually going to be good.

The first movie I am really excited about seeing after all the commercials last night that I didn’t really think much about before is Monsters VS. Aliens.  When I first heard about this flick my interest really wasn’t that peaked. When it comes to animated movies I really am pretty old school. I really dig a lot of the old Disney movies, but I don’t think they have made a really solid movies since The Lion King and even that one was sort of blah for me. I didn’t really see the big deal in Toy Story, I did enjoy the Shrek movies, Hoodwinked, Over the Hedge, Horton Hears a Who, The Incredibles, Open Season and I am sure there are some others, but it takes a lot for an animated feature to get me excited. MVA really looks like it is well thought-out, well written and well animated.

The Prince of Persia movie? O.k. so I have some mixed feelings about this but I am still going to see it. I love the POP games, I have since the old platformers of 89 and the four latest instalments have all been as great as any game that can make me rip out my hair by the clump in a fit of rage can be, so I am nervous about a game I enjoy being turned into a movie since that has yet to work out well. At any rate it is live action and at least the cast looks interesting.

Though I am not sure it will see light in 2009 and honestly I hope to god it never does I still feel the need to mention a new version of “Old Boy” is being filmed. If you don’t know what Old Boy is, watch the original movie. It is based off of a strange, dark comic and is a strange dark movie that is ridiculously awesome.  Needless to say when I heard that Will Smith and Steven Spielberg are working together on the remake I died a little inside. I wonder if Big Willy Style will actually eat a live octopus.

While we are on the subject of comic book movies, I hear tale that the Fantastic Four movies will finally stop. Thank god. I will admit that there are a lot of people out there that know a lot more about the 4 than I do but I still know enough to know that those movies were shit. SHIT. Don’t worry though I am sure Marvel will shit out another craptacular Hulk movie, oooo or maybe another Ghostrider. That would be awesome if they would ruin another of my favorite characters yet again.

G.I Joe. Less interested in a movie I could not be. Go ahead Hollywood, keep raping my childhood and repackaging it and ruining it and see what happens. I will kill you all. This movie looks boring as shit and the only way I could be more disgusted with it is if Micheal Bay directed it and put flames on Duke. Fuck this movie.

Speaking of Bay ass fucking my childhood Transformers 2 will be out soon. Soundwave is in it but who gives a fuck. He, like Megatron in the first abortion looks like an X-Wing and a dragonfly had sex. Hey Mike maybe you can use the Dino-bots and turn Grimlock into a bicycle or maybe you can use Astrotrain and make him a hotdog/submarine.  There is a Masters of the Universe movie coming at some point in the not too distant future too.  Honestly though I am not too worried about that one. I hear rumors that some of the original Mattel artists are involved with it…even though it is live action. It can never be as good as He-Man: The Musical though.

I saw an ad last night for Race to Witch Mountain. I don’t know what to say about this. My mom used to read me the original book. It was cool. The Disney flick “Escape to Witch Mountain” based on that book was cool. Return from Witch Mountain and Beyond Witch Mountain were o.k. to I guess. I have high hopes for this movie but I will probably be let down.

The Land of The Lost looks awesome. I remember sitting on the floor at my grandma’s house with my cousin watching Land of the Lost re-runs every morning. It was an awesome show that had its hooks in us. We were both about 3 or 4 at the time and honestly I think it shaped both of us into who we are. My cousin is more obsessed with horror and fantasy genres now and I am more into the geeky sci-fi comic book world, but we still connect on Land of the Lost. That and “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, but that’s another story. When I first heard that Will Ferrell was going to be the lead I rolled my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, in the right movie I love Will, it just seems that sometimes he picks really shitty movies to be in. He restored my faith in him after step-brothers so I started looking more into this flick and EVERYTHING I have seen so far has me really excited.

Year One, Fast and Furious and Star Trek all had amazing ads last night as well.

Like I said, I think we are in for a treat for 2009. Maybe with the economy the way it is ticket prices will drop back down to under $476 a pop.

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