Donnie Murphy brings over pictures of the bobcat.

The man who spawned DB

The man who spawned DB

I’m outside cuttin wood with a wedge and a hammer and holee christ Donnie Murphy is walkin up through the yard. He says “I got pictures of the bobcat we caught down at the farm.” I says “okay” and he pulls them out of his pocket. Jumpin Jesus, look at the size of that goddamn thing. that what I said to him. Then I called Celmer and he couldn’t believe it. I mean this thing is like 600 lbs. and like 11 feet tall, Larry. I mean there are goddamn bobcats all over the place, eatin’ up all the squirrels. Then our cat walked through the living room and meowed and I said HEY IMA COME HERE IMA… I SAID COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got off the phone then and asked Donnie if I could keep the pictures until Wednesday and he said I could.

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