I borrow a shovel off Donnie Murphy

The man who spawned DB

The man who spawned DB

What is today? Sunday. I got up and went to goddamn church with Susie and then we went to Ponderosa. After that I had to go up and fix this goddamn hole up by the basketball court, because my idiot son decided to build a goddamn wooden fortress around the court. Some kind of bullshit about “Faith Some More” or “Faith Nevermore” or some goddamn band, that’s what he’s gonna paint all over it. Goddamn fuckin’ kid. Why can’t he be like normal people, like Anthony Brezovec? No, he has to paint all kinds of stupid shit all over the basketball court. He goes up there last summer and digs all kinds of holes to put these posts in. Then he goes to Texas A&M or wherever the hell he “goes to school”, and leaves these fuckin’ big holes all over the yard. So I gotta go up there and fix the damn thing. I go to the shed and try to find the spade shovel, I should have known better than to think he’d put the goddamn thing back in the cellar where it belongs. Then I walk all the way down to the house and look in the coal-bin, it ain’t there. So I climb up the fuckin’ steps swearin’ and then I call Donnie Murphy and ask him if he has a spade shovel so I can fill in those holes. He says to come on over. So I walk next door and I got a shovel and then I filled em in.

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