Me and Cutzie go down to dethaw the switches

The man who spawned DB

The man who spawned DB

I”ll tell you what, you ain’t never seen a cold day like we had today up in Cresson. Goddamn boss calls at 4 in the morning, all the switches are frozen between Cresson and Gallitzin. So Little Bill wants me to go up there and dethaw them, right? I tell him to call Bob White or Shy, but he can’t get ahold of them. So I end up gettin’ out of fuckin’ bed and drivin’ up there in the worst snowstorm in Cambria County history. Holy Christ. I couldn’t even see out the goddamn windshield, you wouldn’t even believe it. So I get to Cresson and it’s blowin’ real hard all over the road, so I stop at Sheetz to get coffee and I run into a kid that used to play basketball for Penn Cambria. He has no fucking idea who I am, but since I remember everyone I have ever seen in my life, I feel it’s necessary to talk to him for 25 fuckin’ minutes. He seemed a little impatient, but I kept talkin’ about that game in 1986 when he shot that three pointer to beat North Star. Holy Christ, what a pure shooter that kid really was. It was like some kind of fuckin’ art. So he leaves and I call Cutzie on the phone and tell him I’m comin’ up to get him. So me and Cutz head down to the switches, and by then there was so much goddamn ice I thought we were gonna slide all the way to Altoona. We were slidin’ all over the road. But we get there, and about 2 hours later me and Cutzie get these switches dethawed on the tracks. Then goddamn Little Bill calls on the radio and I had to go up to Cherry Tree to talk to some guy about the Boom Truck getting fixed. What a bunch of bullshit.

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