Those deer we saw up the crick

The man who spawned DB

The man who spawned DB

I got up at about 5:30 and me and Larry (Celmer) headed up the crick, up by Onalinda. We crossed Carl Brence’s land and then me and Larry met up with Paul and Michael (McCloskey). Well, those guys wanted to head up over banana so we did, and me and Michael were pushin’ deer for Paul and Larry. We ended up runnin’ into Red and Louie McCloskey, and those guys told us there were all kinds of buck rubs over by Little Round Top. So I called Larry on the radio and we met up by the White Line. We walked down through the Clear Cut and over to little Round Top, Michael was over on the right in case there were deer beddin’ down in the tree line. We got over to Little Round Top and there were buck rubs all over the place. I mean all over the place. Then there was a bunch of noise and Larry kicked a buck out. Holy Christ you should have seen the rack on that goddamn monster. You wouldn’t even believe it.

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