PSU Recruiting Update 2/4/09 (LOI Day)

Well, today had a lot of promise for the Nits, but some was salvaged at least. We lost the bidding on Jelani Jenkins to Florida, and Jim Noel stuck with BC, but we did land 4-star WR Justin Brown.

As far as Jenkins goes… It is a bit unnerving. He said that Meyer personally sold him on Florida during an in-home visit. Joe Paterno has not done an in-home visit in 3 seasons, and is an increasing detriment to the Penn State recruiting process. Every coach in the NCAA who brings in top classes actually goes out and puts effort into those classes. To spare everyone a rant, I will stop here, but I think you can imagine my displeasure at how things have been panning out with Paterno as of late, recruiting wise.

All that being said, the rest of the staff, who have to do twice as much work b/c the HC and offensive coordinator refuse to do even a minor amount, have brought in what many people consider to be the best WR class in the entire Paterno era.

WR Shawney Kersey, who was not supposed to be academically eligible for the 2009 season, is indeed eligible and will join Brown and all the rest of the freshmen this June in Happy Valley. Kersey was a 4-star WR who lost a star ranking because he was injured early in his senior year. He’s fine. Another example of how fucked up is.

As for 2010, it looks like we have about 18 scholarships available, depending on who (if anyone) transfers, and if anyone is not invited back for a 5th year.

Every kid committed to PSU signed their Letter of Intent today, and if nothing else, that’s better than how most other schools did today.

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