Movie View: The Day The Earth Stood Still


So, after reading a bunch of terrible reviews for this movie, i thought it was finally time to see it for myself.

The original DTESS is a great sci-fi classic, with brillant actors and a solid plot point.

This re-make, or RE-RAPE as i call was a complete mess.They bungled things up, shot the story line to hell, and even the half decent actors that were in the film seemed like they really didn’t even want to be there.

This could have been a great re-make, but instead we are horribly let down minute after minute.

GORT, for some reason looked like Iron Man, and their were these stupid metal flying bugs (locust i suppose) that were eating everything….umm, why? The special effects were down right horrible, like most CGI is, but this time was waaaaaay over blown and crappy looking.

In the original film, Katuu  befriended the child, in this one, he didn’t until the movie was almost over. Everything moved along so fast because they were too busy worrying about crappy special effects that you really didn’t care about the characters at all.I honestly could have cared less if they all would have died at the end.

Reeves gave a horrible performance as usual, but they changed his character…he was so “stiff” and robot like.No emotion what so ever.But that could have just been his terrible acting.

All the sudden, the movie was over.It was like they go so far into and said “ok we’re done, it’s over” and didn’t even bother to shoot an ending.

Over and over again i see Hollywood taking great classic films and pretty much pulling the worlds pants down and raping every loyal fan of original masterpieces and saying “yeah that’s it, we’re gonna ruin this for you! Take it all BITCH!”

FUCKING terrible.A complete waste of time and effort.

Oh wait, that was the problem…there was no effort.

The movie is SO bad i feel bad for Jennifer Connelly and John Cleese.

Oh and Kathy Bates…i have nothing against her in any way…but what was she even doing in this movie? Her role as secretary of defense just didn’t fit her at all.

Guess money talks huh and shit walks.

If i would have paid to see this, my shit would have been walking out of the theater with promises and revenge for whoever was responsible for such tripe.

0 out of 10

– StraTT

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