Insanity at Work

Here’s the situation. The Phoenix office is moving to a new building. They will not be in there until Monday. We were trying to find a technician today to go to a job, and the regular technician was out sick. So for 2 hours, the idiots here were chasing ghosts all over Phoenix trying to locate the tech who was taking that guy’s route. They finally called the supervisor, why it took so long to do this I have no idea. He says “Give it to Shawn.” For the next hour and a half, this girl here could not find a “Shawn” in the system. I finally ask her what the deal is. I ask her if she looked at the whole list of techs in Phoenix to see if there was a Shawn listed. No. Did she call the sup back to clarify a last name? No. At no point during this did it occur to her that Shawn might be spelled SEAN. Well guess what, it was. Then, the Phoenix office was “smart enough” to give Sean the cell of a tech who just quit and they never bothered to tell us that. So we are trying to call Sean on “Sean’s” number, to no fucking avail, until I call the supervisor back and straighten it out. Welcome to my life.

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