PSU Update!!!! 2/16/09

Been a quiet weekend fo’ dee Nitz. Got a few notez today though, yessa.

This update is dedicated to Noah Wolcott, who sent me a tearful email today begging me for a Penn State update. His Penn State passion is growing, and we must do what we can, as a collective unit, to nurture his interest and his love of the Nittany Lions. Here’s a picture just for you, Noah.

It looks like Tariq Tongue will be the first walk-on for this class. A walk-on is a kid who does not get an outright scholarship but will either receive some assistance or will battle in a cage for future assistance. Tariq TONGUE playing in BEAVER Stadium is enough to make my weiner hard.

Speaking of Beaver Stadium? Do you know who Beaver Stadium is named after? The answer to that question is Beaver Oswalt.

Beaver Oswalt was born and raised in South Fork, PA. He later went on to be a great park ranger at the 1889 Park in St. Michael, where he cut down weeds and nursed baby animals back to heath by letting them suck the milk from his chest. He then bought a house beside my parents, poopsie and Suzie, and had a son named Jake, who played two very mediocre seasons in the LPBFL (Liberty Park Backyard Football League). No records indicate if Jake was on the championship teams of Wisconsin or San Diego State, the two winners of a very elaborate football league that was organized by Dustin Snyder circa 1992. The league featured an all-star cast of pre-teen and teenage football legends like Billy Bearer, Jimmy Petrunak, and Danny Petrunak, among others. But the real legend of this league was Jimmy “G-Roz” Grosik, who won back to back league Heisman Trophies. This is where the story comes full circle. Everyone was afraid to tackle Grosik. This is two fold: 1. He was legitimately hard to tackle. 2. He had not washed his flannel shirt in 11 years. Jake’s father, Beaver, would participate in games on occasion. Out of jealousy, hate, and then jealousy again, Beaver tried to kill the Groz. On a memorable Sunday afternoon, Beaver accused our hero Groz of trying to kill him. THEN, Beaver retaliated by trying to kill Groz himself, by tackling him close to a stone tool shed in Impala’s backyard. It was a tumultuous experience that Liberty Park may have never recovered from. Because Groz was a big Michigan fan, the Penn State administration granted Beaver Oswalt the dignity of a stadium named in his honor, a man who did his best to kill the enemy.

A couple more people have picked up PSU offers. One of the main target areas for 2010 is TE (and also d-line) and the Lions have offered Central York Kyle Baublitz. He is listed at 6’4″ 260 and can play TE and DE. They are chasing him as a DE. 6’4″ 305 DT Shariff Floyd of Philly has also received an offer.

There is still no word on who the mystery WR is that may or may not have already committed for 2010. I think its Adrian Coxson, the Baltimore kid who is friends with Bryant Johnson, former Lion great that plays for the Niners. But who knows.

I’m hearing from multiple sources that PSU will NOT be recruiting another QB in the 2010 class. That means that as of next year, Newsome and Paul Jones will be the scholly QBs with the possibility of former West Scranton QB Matt McGloin (same school as Eric Shrive) as a potential scholly QB. Right now, McGloin is a walk-on that is NOT on scholarship. But there is potential for him to earn one. This is nothing new in how Penn State operates. People who saw McGloin play think he has a canon for an arm and might be able to run the new offense, but there’s questions about it. He threw for a shitload of yards at West Scranton.

All that being said, the whole point of mentioning that is that PSU is recruiting PA QB Anthony Gonzalez as an athlete. Even though he wants to be a QB, he doesn’t seem, at this point, to mind the fact that PSU doesn’t want him as a QB. Pitt is chasing him here as well, and I dont know what his grades are like, but Pitt has had success in the Lehigh Valley as of late in terms of recruiting. I dont think he ends up at Pitt, for what its worth. But PSU might lose this kid because of the fact he wants to play QB.

Virginia Tech, our hated Chesapeake Bay recruiting nemesis, has stuck their faggot cocks as far north as Frederick, MD. They have offered Zach Zwinik (LB, FB) a scholarship. I can almost guarantee you that this will be a PSU/VTech showdown and I hate those goddamn sons a bitches. Next time one of you Asians go nuts at Virginia Tech, how about doing us all the favor of killing their recruiting coordinator in your assault.

Other than Silas Redd, and Corey Brown, here’s some RB info:

“Jimmy Owens (6-0, 205) from West Deptford, N.J. – Owens is reported to have 4.45 40-yard speed and has a 3.5 GPA. He had a sprained MCL his sophomore season and didn’t see a lot of action but played FB in West Deptford’s offense next year. But, he’ll be looked at at tailback this fall and a lot of people think he could end up being the top running back in South Jersey this fall.

Nahjee Gibson (5-11, 192) from Erial, N.J., Timber Creek – As a junior he rushed for 1,250 yards and 10 touchdowns. He is rated by some as the top returning running back prospect in South Jersey for the upcoming 2009 season.

Penn State is looking at both of those guys but there are two other guys I would classify as athletes playing the RB position in South Jersey that they are looking at.

Tejay Johnson (6-2, 185) from Egg Harbor Township, N.J. – The same school as Cedric Jeffries – He’s rated by many as the top RB/DB combo in South Jersey for the 2009 season. He already has an offer from Rutgers and says that he’s taken a visit to Penn State. Johnson has run a 10.7 100m and his coach Tony DeRosa says he runs consistent 4.35 40-yard times. Penn State is looking at him as an athlete.

Darnell Laws (6-2, 220) from Richland, N.J., St. Augustine – He’s a big kid, similar to Gerald Hodges, who has played both running back and strong safety at St. Augustine since his freshman year. He’s been a four-year varsity performer and PSU assistant coach Ron Vanderlinden is evaluating him.”

It looks like early enrollee Anthony Fera will challenge Collin Wagner for all the kicking duties. Boone is back as Punter, and it is already being discussed that Fera will take over even the Punting duties when Boone graduates. Boone should be 1st team all Big Ten this season.

Nate Bauer of BWI said in today’s chat: “I think Penn State is in excellent shape with players like Silas Redd, Adrian Coxson, Luke Graham, Dakota Royer, Seth Betancourt, Alex Kenney and Khairi Fortt and all of those guys have given a strong indication that they plan to announce their college decision (except for Fortt) before the beginning of the 2009 football season.”

Graham is the top o-line target in the WPIAL and is being recruited as a Guard.

I think the strangest, and maybe the best, thing I saw today was that Kenny Stills received a PSU offer. The 6’2″ 170 Lb WR is from California? Are they just throwing darts in the dark, or did they visit this kid when they were out there for the Rose Bowl? Stills won an MVP award last month at a camp in San Diego, for what its worth.

More next time, kiddies.

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