Memories of Sega Genesis

Looking back over my life I recognize that  a great deal of my time was spent playing video games. This makes me extremely hapy because what isn’t to love about video games? Sega has always been an underdog in the console world, mostly because no matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t build superior hardware. Really the only successful piece of equipment they ever put out was the Genesis.


The concept behind the Genesis was that owning one brought you to the “Next Level” of gaming, as in out of the 8 bit realm and into the 16 bit realm. Eventually Nintendo put out their SNES which I think all will agree was the king of the realm, but Sega put up a hell of a fight.

I think everyone easily remembers the the main draw games, Sonic, Ecco and so on, but there were a ton of other great games that not so many people may remember and I want to give them a little love no matter how silly or weird they were.

altered-beast-gsAltered Beast- Altered Beast was probably the first Sega game I ever played in my entire life. At the time it was the most amazing, bad ass thing I had ever seen going back and playing it now, it is a little lame. The basic plot of the game was you’re dead, you’re brought back to rescue Zues’ daughter, you gain the ability to transform into different creatures you kick some ass. Rise from your grave!


Chakan: The Forever Man- I honestly can’t believe that this game didn’t sell better than it did. It was so much fun to play and so cool to look at. At a time when almost every other game out there was bright and cheery, this game was dark, gritty and complex. It was based on a comic book about a swordsman who challenges Death to a fight and wins. He is granted eternal life but has to fight demons. If you ever get a chance to play this game, be sure you do.

chuck-rock-2-gsChuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck– This game was about a little baby with a big head in a Flintstones style stone age. “The son of Chuck” refers to the previous game in the series, Chuck Rock. This game isn’t that different than any other side scroller, but it is a lot of fun. It holds a special place for me as it is the first Genesis game I ever bought.

corpse-killer1Corpse Killer– Corpse Killer was actually released for play by people that had both the 32X and the Sega-CD add ons. It was a live motion game about killing voodoo zombies. I bought this bad boy used and the disc had a scratch on it so i could never get past about 30 minutes of game play without it freezing. It was an alright game I guess but to be honest I was never really impressed with the overall game play of the live motion games.

cyborg-justiceCyborg Justice– This game was the shucking fit! Be-lee dat! Seriously, this game was awesome. You played as a dude that was enslaved, murdered and then had your brain put into a cyborg body. You would escape and then walk around beating up other cyborgs. The sweetest part about this game was that you could literally rip your opponents apart and then upgrade yourself with the pieces you stole from them. It was awesome. I still love this freaking game.

eternal-champions-gsEternal Champions– At the time this game was released Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were the kings of the genre and there really wasn’t much variation in fighting games from the formula those two laid down. Most of the other fighting games at that time weren’t even that much fun to play, they were just kind of tedious and repetitive, at least until Eternal Champions came out. This game was so much fun to play, it had great graphics and really cool background levels. The plot of the game itself revolved around a group of fighters from different points in time who were all murdered, but were saved at the moment just before their death and entered into this contest. The winner was alowed to go back and avenge his death and the losers went to sumer camp or something.

eternal-champions-2Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side– The only thing better than the original EC was this follow up. This sequel brought back all the original characters as well as adding a ton of new ones and even a few crazy critter characters. They added more of the “Overkills” that made the first one so bad ass as well as a whole slew of new ways to kill off your opponents. This is without a doubt my all time favorite fighting game.


Flicky– I’m not going to lie to you, this game is god damn retarded, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t somewhat fun to play. It is one of those games that is so damn stupid that you can’t believe you are even playing it, but while you sit around making fun of it with your friends and try to complete the levels you don’t even realize an hour has past and it is starting to kick your ass a little. Basically it breaks down like this, you’re a bird and you have to rescue other little birds and there is a bunch of stupidness.

kid-chameleon-gsKid Chameleon– This game, while being a blatant rip off of Super Mario Brothers is always so much fun to play. I originally bought this game from a rental place that was going out of business for about $2.00 and I got hours of fun out of it. You are this little kid, you get sucked into an arcade and then you have to rescue your girlfriend using a series of helmets that give you special powers.

king-of-the-monsters-2-gsKing of the Monsters 2– Believe it or not, I bought this game at that same going out of business sale. At first, judging from the cover art I thought it was going to be a rampage knock off but I was surprised to find out it was actually a fighting game. The player selects a giant monster and then you go around the world fighting off other monsters in various cities. While beating your opponent you can also destroy the surrounding city and the military that attempts to interfere with your battle. Honestly, the single player mode kid of sucks, but as a vs. battle it is pretty freakin fun.

rocket-knight-adventures-gsRocket Kinght Adventures– If you liked the Sonic games then you will love this one. You play as a possum who flys around with a rocket pack and a little sword and you fight off robo-pigs. The game is fast paced with lots of intense action and crazy stages. It is common to most other side scrollers in gameplay but it is a hoot.

shaq-fu-2Shaq-Fu– Shaquille O’Neil was a basketball layer. Ok. He wanted to be a rapper. Ok, why not? He wanted to be an actor. Ok. Kazam sucked but whatever. Shaquille O’Neil has his own video game and he it has nothing to do with basketball. What? That is the idea behind Shaq-Fu. In the game Shaq is a master of the Shaq-Fu style of martial arts and he travels around fighting a whole host of rogues and baddies. The game fails on virtually every level except in that it is so bad, once you start playing it you can’t stop. If the game cuts into you like a massive open wound than the free “Shaq-Fu” rap album that came along with the game was a pound of salt being poured into the wound.


Sunset Riders- This gem is a western based side scroller in which you get to be a cow boy that does cool ass shit and saves the day. You get to shoot a gun and ride a horse which is all pretty cool shit. It can get a little harder than it needs to be but it is just way too much fun to put down and stay mad at.

zombies-gsZombies Ate My Neighbors– I am always surprised to realize how many people haven’t ever heard of this game before. This is still to date probably one of the most fun, most exciting, most challenging most insane games I have ever played. You play as either a brother or a sister and walk around your neighborhood killing off zombies and aliens and rescueing the townsfolk. There are well over a hundren bajillion levels so it feels like the game never ends.

2 responses to “Memories of Sega Genesis

  1. Many Many thanx for remembering Flicky. I got the theme on my Mobile and i god damn LOVE this Game. Next i will buy Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Ihope this will be the same Fun Like Ren & Stimpy the most funny Game i know. Zombies will be my 175th Game i own:)

  2. Nice, but there’s no mention of ANY sonic games, or Golden Axe…

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