Twitter my sweaty balls.

Since 2003 we have been smacked over the head by friend requests from skanks, pictures of fat bitches in a mirror stupid bulletins and that cock fuck “Tom” telling me about shit  don’t care about.

Giant Cock Fuck

Giant Cock Fuck

Myspace, as far as I’m concerned, is the Devil come to Earth. Between the god forsaken bulletins, surveys, chain letters, stupid shit about how “myspace is closing if you don’t do this”, retarded bands, sluts, whores, skanks, bitches, self important cunts and all the other shit that goes with it, it is ruining our society. Add to that all the shit that never everworks, the over whelming ammount of ads and the “unexpected errors and it is enough to make me want to start killing every human on the planet. My favorite are the fucking scumbags  that claim “I only use myspace to stay in touch with friends and family” which is code for “I beat off to the slutty photos on myspace.”

Next (or maybe first, who gives a shit) came facebook, which is like the watered down PG-13 Cousin of myspace. It is only slightly less annoying but then again perhaps that is only because I only have like 2 friends on there and I don’t worry about it. Still though, there are plenty of fatties trying to get laid.

I'll let you put it in any hole you want!

I'll let you put it in any hole you want!

Now there is the lattest trend, “Twitter”, its all I ever hear you dick bags talk about. I don’t give a shit what celebrity “tweets” what about what fucking shit. Who cares? First of what can any non-celebrity possibley have to say that is important enough for you to waste your time looking at it, and really, who gives a shit about what any celebrity has to say other than a stalker who wants to rape them and then drink their piss?

Also while I am at it, the next fucking faggot that talks to me about “Twilght” is getting clocked right in the fucking asshole. Have you ever been punched in the asshole before? That shit hurts.

One response to “Twitter my sweaty balls.

  1. Wow. You have some personal issues.

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