Where’d we come from?

Good, I can feel my anger. Let my hatred flow through me!!!

Alright, not quite that crazy but it has been a while since I have been really pissed off and it is good to be angry again. It feel like a warm hug. So what has finally caused me to walk into the cold dark cave where I keep my ranting stored like a Hanzo and guarded by a two headed dragon named Calliope? The truth is all of it.

The first thing I will dig into is what seems to be a recent rash of Creationists vs. everyone who isn’t an idiot breaking out around the country. Look, I don’t think that there is any doubt that I am not a fan of most organized religions, though most of them started off with good intentions, they have become big, dumb, angry havens for the weak and the undereducated to come together and support each other.

Let me take a moment to clarify here, it isn’t that I hate religion or even that I have anything against any religion in particular. The truth is I think it is great that in an otherwise shit filled existence people can find hope in anything. What bothers me is that most of the people involved in a church, no matter what religion, just want to lead a good life and honor their god and for most that means following the rules put in place by the leaders and unfortunately those leaders use that to their advantage and because the people are so passionate about their beliefs they go blindly into battles to defend them.

This brings me to the text of religions which is where I think most of the problems lie, no matter if it is the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah or any of the other books out there. Don’t be stupid either, I don’t blame the books themselves either, I blame the readers. All major religions have a set of stories that they use to outline how a person should live their life, those stories are supposed to be examples and to that extent they are good ideas. For example, if you say to a child, “Don’t shoplift”, they might not understand why it is bad. If you try to explain the shoplifting leads to increased operating costs as well as increased cost to the consumer and eventually job cuts to the employees they still might not get it. However, if you tell that child a story that stealing from a store leads to stealing from a bank which leads to a life of evil and sadness they will probably get it and not steal.

That’s really what most religious texts seem to be, a series of stories to guide people in the right direction and put into terms the reader can easily absorb. Somewhere along the way however there came a theory that the words contained in those texts are supposed to be followed to the letter. THIS IS DANGEROUS.

Any how, before I go off on any more of a tangent lets get back to the main focus. Creationism shouldn’t be taught in school. If you want to teach it to your kids in your church that’s your business, you’re free to do it just  as I am free not to send my kids to said church. Schools, on the other hand are supposed to be centers for learning and education, not for hearing fairy tales presented under a guise of truth.

School districts and states are battling with churches and other weirdos all over the country about what should and shouldn’t be taught in science class. Here’s an idea, set some damn guidelines. Lets start with the name, Science. Merriam-Webster define science as “the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding”. So how does one distinguish knowledge from ignorance or misunderstanding? By forming a theory then conducting an experiment or a series of experiments to test that theory, then as new knowledge is discovered, expanding and correcting the original theory and re-testing it until verifiable results are produced.

I have no problem with a science teacher explaining a theory to my children even if it is later disproved because theories are a part of science. I don’t have a problem with this because even if a theory is wrong we still learn by testing it. I do however have a problem with teaching a doctrine that CAN’T be tested in any way, that has already been proven to NOT be scientifically verifiable in any way and makes no sense at all. Saying the Earth was created by god in six days a couple of thousand years ago doesn’t make sense.

That isn’t me saying that there isn’t a god and that isn’t me saying that if there is a god he didn’t have something to do with the start of life on Earth. What I am saying is, there is no way that the statement is scientific and therefore has no business in a scientific class room. According to the theory of evolution, and I am boiling it down to the most basic form here because frankly, I don’t think the people that waste their time reading what I write are that smart anyway, an organism lives, its environment presents it with a challenge which it needs to overcome to continue living, over the course of time the successive generations of the organism  develop methods to triumph over said challenge. I can test this theory. Men who are a lot smarter than me have been testing this theory for a long time. I can see the results of this in almost every creature on earth. Even if the theory may not work out to be 100% accurate when all of the testing is done, I can easily see why the theory made sense enough to test it in the first place.

Now, Genesis says, “She seems to have an invisible touch yeah”, wait, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”, then came the land, the sea, light, creatures, plants and dudes. No where does it mention any other planets, but I can see them and I know they are there so that theory is wrong and to be considered science should be corrected and re-tested but it wasn’t. Next it states that God made dudes out of the dirt. OK, cool. That sounds like the beginning of a theory. We are made out of dirt, I am listening. How does it work? Oh that’s right, the Bible doesn’t say, it just says we were made of dirt and formed in his image and given life and since it is in a book, we gotta believe it.

Again, I am not making fun of people for reading the Bible, my parents read it. They read it to me and I will read it to my kids but the Bible isn’t science and shouldn’t be presented as such so back off Cletus. It would be like me walking into a church and saying, “You have to tell people that God may have been a giant chicken named Roscoe! The Bible doesn’t say any where that he isn’t a giant chicken named Roscoe, so you have to teach that he might be!!!”

2 responses to “Where’d we come from?

  1. you drink and smoke, right! I want to hear a rant on cigarette and booze taxes……..WTF?

  2. Here, Here and I am sure if you look around the site you’ll find others I have forgotten about.

    I am indeed a smoker but the reason I haven’t ranted about the latest tax is multi-fold. First, ever since the self-extinguishing cigarette laws, the new ones all taste like a fat horse’s cock covered in shit…or so I have been told. Second, I started backing off of cigarettes when they jumped up to $52,000 a pack last summer and shifted to smoking a pipe when I need my fix. Third, other than when I am drunk, I can live without cigarettes. I bring that up because I honestly believe that the reason the government is hiking up taxes on tobacco so much is to drive out some cigarette brands and clear some shelf space while getting people used to paying a higher tax for when they legalize marijuana.

    I haven’t gotten high in a long time because I like to make money and most jobs have a no ganj policy, but if Uncle Sam says bud is cool then I am down.

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