Fox Producer Admits Glen Beck is the Prince of Darkness

Feed my the souls of your children!

Feed my the souls of your children!

In an interesting turn of events, I got a frantic phone call this morning at 4:30 am. The caller was Dan Andros, one of the producers of the Glenn Beck show. I didn’t take the call as it was 4:30 and I didn’t recognize the number but when I checked my voice mail later in the morning, this is what I heard:

(Screaming and the sounds of slaughter)

“Oh, my good god in heaven, you were right. Glenn is… he’s… beelzebub! Oh god!”

(Large crashing noise and some one speaking ancient Sumerian)

“It all started at midnight! Glenn asked for a doughnut and no one brought him one. Fire flew out of his eyes and caught a PA’s head on fire. Then he DEMANDED the blood of a virgin democrat to bath in. He then bit our boom operator in the face. Rush Limbaugh was called in to calm him down but by the time he got here Glenn was crying tears of lava. Rush tried to talk him down but the ultra conservatism just added to Glenn’s craziness and he raped Rush…to death!”

(Blood Curdling scream and another loud crash)

“My god, Glenn just sprouted fleshy bat like wings and he is flying around the studio!!! He is…eh.eck.uh”

The call eneded in what I can only assume was death.

I knew that cray baby ass hole Nazi fucktard was the devil. I knew it!

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