If your girl steps up, I’m smacking the ho!

vinnyBy now you’ve probably already heard that Vince Shlomi, a.k.a. the Shamwow! guy was arrested for smackin’ a hooker. If you haven’t heard, here is the skinny, Vinny boy was out drinking in Miami last month when he met up with Sasha Harris who, as my cousin puts it, “be a ho“. After getting good and tanked Vinny asks Sasha if she wants to “Say ‘wow’ every time she uses it”? and they go back to his room where he pays her $1,000 for sex. Allegedly the skank bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go so he cracked her in the face a couple of times until she let go.

After the arrest he was subsequently let out of his duties to sell the ShamWow and the Slap Chop, not to mention the fact that he was quietly removed from the upcoming show with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan that is set to debut next Monday. Virtually unemployed Vince was given an oppertunity which, being the marketing icon he is, decided to jump on it.

Ladies and gentleman, Vince Shlomi has just signed a deal with Swishahouse to record an all out, “balls to the walls” hip hop album to be produced by none other than Paul Wall! People, I wish this were a sick joke, but it isn’t. I mean it makes me sick and it will sound like a joke, but I guess if Randy Savage can put out a rap album, Vinny Shlo can too. You followin me camera guy?

I use my ShamWow to shine my grill!

I use my ShamWow to shine my grill!

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