What the hell is going on in Hollywood?


Quentin Tarantino used to be a good film maker, I mean I never sucked him off the way some dip shits do, but he had a decent eye for entertaining shit. Now however he seems to have fallen off a little, its not his fault, he was trying some new things and it didn’t work for him. Add to that though the fact that Hollywood is now completely obsessed with restarts, kick starts and remakes and one has reason to fear.

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were the two movies that ushered me into adulthood as far as movies go. As a kid the only movies I ever watched were either animated features, Robot Jox, weird comedies or things George Lucas made, then at around 14 I saw the movie Clerks and got into a kick of dialogue driven movies. Tarantino combined my love of dialogue with my love of violence and gore and we shared a taste in music. I still to this day think Pulp Fiction and in particular Reservoir Dogs are two of the greatest films of the last 20 years. So why does it need fucked with? It doesn’t but Hollywood doesn’t care.

I just read a blurb about it in Variety and confirmed it with a friend of mine who keeps his ear to the ground about this shit that QT is rebooting all of his classics. Jackie Brown, Natural Born Killers, True Romance, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs will all be receiving this treatment with the movies scheduled to be released at a rate of one a year until 2016, culminating in a boxed set.

Q has stated that he will be acting as producer, technical adviser and “presenter” but will leave the position of director open. The first film slated for redo is Natural Born Killers, and honestly isn’t such a far stretch for Q to redo. Though he wrote the classic tale of Mick and Mal Knox it was Oliver Stone who directed it. This time around Roland Emmerich will be in the director’s chair and J.S. Cardone wil be helping with the new sceen play.

Mickey and Mallory are going to be portrayed by Alex D. Linz and Lizzy Caplan and though they are a little less hard edged than Woody and Juliette, they are probably more creepy. I just hope the entire thing isn’t shit.

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