Raping Hasbro

Is it just me, or does it seem that as time goes on, and movie makers keep getting more ravaged by age that the yare getting lazy and jaded by time? They just can’t seem to come up with any good ideas on their own anymore. So they decide to go back in time to my childhood and rape it over and over again.

I know Rocky has posted a few articles up on dis bitch about it, but it’s time i flipped out and threatened to kill some peeps.

It’s getting to the point where i want to head on over to old cali cali and drive a steak through Michael bays heart. He is the undead…he is evil in it’s purist form.Did this jackass EVER watch ANY of the original television shows from the 80’s? Or is he just taking guesses, or using Wikipedia for a history lesson?

It’s not the big changes that get on my nerves…it’s all the little things that did not need changed at all that pisses me off.

Transformers for example…there was NO reason to change Bumblebee from a Bug to a Cameo…NONE.I don’t care what Bay’s excuse was.He was just wanted to use a sleek new car and inject as much CGI garbage into the movie as possible. I would have been able to sit through Transformers with out vomiting repeatedly if it wasn’t called “Transformers.”

Secondly, Frank Welker who you may all know as Fry, Zoidburg, the professor, Zap Brannigan, Ren and Stimpy, Freddy from Scooby Doo…the list goes on, was also the original voice for Megatron on TF back during the 80’s TV series. Well of course they wanted him to come in an audition for the role of Megatron’s voice for the movie, then turned around and said “that’s not what we’re looking for.” Really? He WAS Megatron.

G.I. Joe is going to be a mess. It already is, and the movie hasn’t even opened yet. I can understand why they need to change the costumes so it doesn’t look like it’s 1985, but why not just set the movie during vietnam or in 1985 when the series had taken place? The same goes for Transformers.

I always said the Fantastic Four movies would have been much better if they had set them back in the 1950’s or 60’s.

What till they rape next…Thundercats? He-Man?

I don’t know how much more my childhood anus can take of Michael Bay pounding it over and over again for more money.

Let us stop him now…it’s already too late…but let’s destroy him anyway.

I’ll be back to complain about G.I. Joe after the movie opens, and i recover from the sickness I’m sure to get from watching it.

One response to “Raping Hasbro

  1. Sorry to say it, but you’re right….there is a He-Man movie coming out…


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