I got ink on my fingers and it feels gooooood!

Yes today is the day Star Trek came out and while I did plan to be first in line at my local theater, other responsibilities kept me away, but I will get out to see it and it will be fantastic. I am sure J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job, just as I am sure I want to plow Zoe Saldana, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Morrison and Rachel Nichols all at the same time. This article isn’t about that though.

Since I did have just a moment of free time today and I wanted to get out of my cave and enjoy the weather a little, I decided I would treat myself by wondering down to the local comic book store, Bent Wookie Comics. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure what the deal was with this place at first because when I was a kid there was a shop called The Comic Book Ink. that this dude Brandon worked at and my friends and I would go inthere constantly and feed our addiction. We probably bugged the shit out of him, but he was always kind of a local hero to us because he had had some work published. Then over the years as I was out of town traveling the world, I guess shops merged or closed or what have you, but the building moved and I guess the business changed names a couple of times, I dunno but this new comic shop, Bent Wookie is right beside the old Comic Book Ink building.

Any how, just like days of old (12 years ago) me and Zak walked in dove into the long boxes. I picked up a few Howard the Duck Comics, some Hitman comics, an Evil Ernie and a Preacher trade paperback mostly because I read anything byGarth Ennis who, let’s face it is becoming the Dave Grohl of the comic book world (which is a good thing). Any way I have been out of comics for a while and I was really excited to get back into it but alas, I didn’t know where to start. I LOVE the Punisher, Batman, Hellboy, Evil Ernie, Hitman, anything by Alan Moore, Sin City, Kick Ass, Jonah Hex and all the classics but the truth is I knew almost nothing of comics in the last 5 years.

Thanks to those guys over there though I was turned on to The Boys and The Man With No Name (to think I didn’t know there were comics based on Sergio Leone flicks) as well as some other great series. Now I will be broke most of the time, but damn i forgot how good it felt to hold a comic in my fingers. I read the entire Preacher trade tonight in one sitting because it was that damn awesome and I loved every second of it.

The whole experience made me nostalgic for when I was an Under-funded Comic Book Geek. It was great, I even dug into my old collection and started re-reading some of it. I think the best part of it all was to learn that there are still true comic books out there and people who still care about them. For a LONG time no one really gave a shit about comics except us pale kids that hated the sun so a lot of shitty writers and god awful artists got to skate by on shit work and there were a lot of terrible books. Then it went the opposite way, X-Men hit theaters, then Spidey then BOOM every fucking comic was going to be a movie and a lot of those were shit.

In the end I guess it is my fault for walking away, I lost my faith in comics and turned my back on it and it was my loss. Thankfully though thoes wonderful pages are still waiting for me and they welcomed me back with open arms.

So how about you guys? Are there any comics in particular that you like?

As a bonus, the days events inspired Zak and I to start into another book of our own, here is a little eye candy for ya.

aAs soon as we have something worth while to put up you can check it out in our comics section in the mean time check out Kung Fu Christ, Action Squad Assemble or Bernie Dead Rabbit.

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