The gonzo beer adventure

As some of you may or may not be aware of, I have a slightly elevated penchant for imbibing alcoholic beverages. This may cause some to refer to me as a booze hound or alcoholic, but the truth is, well…fuck the truth, I like to drink and not spend so much time being me.  Sometimes I get drunk and go on adventures, other times I just imagine so, either way I write about it.

Tonight I am drinking cheap beer with joyful cheer and wondering if the end is near. Alright not so much, but I am taking a moment to reflect on all the decisions I have made in the decade since graduating high school.

Do any of you ever wonder just how things ended up they way they did?

When I was younger I was so full of optimism, I could do anything, the world was mine. Now somehow things got all turned around. I lost sight of when I became jaded and lost all hope.

Shit, even this, me from ten years ago would kick my ass for any of this article.

What happened to L.A.?

What happened to the music and the comic books?

Where did everyone go that was so fucking important?

When did I become so unimportant?

Alright kiddies, time to focus on pushing myself into a stupor.


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