The Booze Blog Number 2

Iron City: The first beer I will talk about tonight is one of my old home town favorites. My favorites USED to be Rolling Rock brewed in Old Latrobe…but we all know how that turned out. Iron City, in particular I.C. Light is one of my old standards. Whenever I am in PA and it is available I always drink at least a pint, if for nothing more than memory’s sake. Now, as far as the beer itself goes, I would honestly rate it about a 7 out of ten. It isn’t my first choice for taste, but when it is cold, it is refreshing and if you get it off tap you can drink it all night without worrying about shitty aftertastes or a bad morning headache. If you haven’t heard of Iron City before, I would suspect you are probably not from Pennsylvania but that’s fine. Here are some things every beer drinker can thank I.C. for. In 1962 they made the first “snap top” can. In ’63 the first twist off beer bottle cap. They were the first company to print cans and bottle labels with sports team references on them, they had the first canned draught beer, and they had the first aluminum bottles.


Yuengling: Yuengling bills itself as “America’s Oldest Brewery” and has been churning out quality brew since 1829. Now, growing up in western PA, I grew up with Yueng, but I found when I moved away that when most other bars actually carry it, they sell it as an import and price it like Heineken. When I was in college up until I got married I drank gallons of the stuff, it was without question of my favorites. After a couple of years of not drinking it, I still enjoy it but I have learned to love other beers. I would still rate it as an 8 out of 10. If you get the chance, drink it. It goes GREAT with wings.


Schell’s: Schell’s Brewery in Minnesota brings us this offering. I have to admit that I have never actually drank this beer at a bar. I got turned on to it at a beer garden when I was living in Rapid City, and for the entire week the beer garden was open I would drink it by the quart stein. Usually I would drink 2 gallons a night, which believe me is a magnificent task. If you are out at a bar and you want to know if they have it on tap, just look for the deer antler. It is a pretty good drink, 8 out of 10.


Eagle Rare Whiskey: Eagle Rare is a delicious bourbon.  Though my first choice will ALWAYS be Marker’s Mark, Eagle Rare is my second choice. It is a little on the pricey side (excluding specialty whiskey’s) it is a well aged single barrel and well worth it. This is a great side to any cigar and is fantastic on the rocks.

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