I hope the solar eclipse kills us all.

There is a total solar eclipse on Wednesday and a lot of assholes think it will bring about the end of the world and I am all for it.

Alright, let me be the first to say…”go fuck yourself”. That’s right. I have been calm and relaxed for a good four years. It isn’t exactly that I have been bottling shit up, it’s just more that I stopped giving a shit. I was busy doing other things and the truth is, nothing that was going on pissed me off enough to lose my cool.

And I really must have been in a stated of clear headedness because I didn’t even say much about the election or how badly I hope upon hope that the current GOP collapses on itself and devours Fox News and the rest of the conservative bull shit cocksucking morons.

Before one of you party line carrying RNC fucked up retards starts giving me shit, let me just say that I don’t really have any problem with intelligent conservatives. I have said it thousands of times before, if you have a belief in something because of how something effects you, or because you did research and formed your own opinion and can defend it, then good for you. I will be more than happy to listen to your opinion and possibly even concede to your ideas.

On the other hand if you spew out the same retarded chicken shit that some other fucking idiot already said and just agree with it because they vote the same way that you do then I am going to punch you in the fucking pussy. I say pussy because lets face it, none of you have any god damned balls or this wouldn’t be an issue.

What is on the forefront of my current rage and fury is that worthless leathery cunt SPED Sara Pailin trying to jump back in the spotlight. No one gives a shit except the same retarded motherfuckers who lost the election once already. I hear Fox News is trying to woo here into hosting her own show on the network. Apparently they aren’t content with their current line up of bloody twats who can’t read and get way to emotional (I am looking at you Geraldo and Glenn “I eat Hitler’s ass hole” Beck).

There has got to be somebody, anybody in the Republican party that isn’t a complete fucking twit. I mean seriously, you guys are making yourself look fucking stupid. Maybe what you need to do is focus less on the morons like Rush, Glenn, Pailin, Papa Bear, Hannity, Greta the Ass Rag, and Geraldo and start actually listening to what the average person wants.

Yes, I voted for Obama because I liked his message and on most of the stuff that was important to me his views aligned with mine and on the rest I don’t give a shit. The truth is there are a lot of us out there and if you truly want to make a change, listen to us and work for us.

We are the masses. We are the generation that were promised that just because the unions drove out all the production jobs and high taxes drove out the rest we would still have good paying technology jobs that could feed our families and fuel our lives.  We are the generation that has access to more information and the ability to learn faster than any other in the history of the world. We are the people that truly want religion and government separated. Abortion and gay rights aren’t the business of government so stop fucking talking about it.

We don’t mind paying taxes if we see a result. We don’t care about the size of the government as long as our privacy is respected and we are taken care of when we need it. We want to know that when we all get fucked over by a bunch of greedy bastards that we won’t be left ruined and destroyed the way we are now while the people responsible for it still get their bonuses and their severence packages (and don’t blame the current admin for that one, you guys would have fucked it up just as bad, I mean fuck, you’re kind of responsible for it happening in the first place).

We are the people that are sick of hearing about our friends and relatives fighting and dying in a war that we supposedly won twice already yet we’re still involved in. We don’t give a shit anymore. We want people to be free to be themselves all over the world but not at this cost.

We want to trust our leaders again. We want someone to be honest with us.

Maybe I am expecting too much.

Eh fuck it.

I really do think Meghan McCain has a good head on her hot hot body.

God, she's gorgeous and intelligent.

God, she's gorgeous and intelligent.

One response to “I hope the solar eclipse kills us all.

  1. I’m just throwing this out there… Hayden Pantierre would’ve made a great Bella Swan. http://bit.ly/4G5pT1

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