The Booze Blog Number 3

High kids, daddy’s home. I know, I started the Booze Blog and seemed to have some decent momentum, but then I just stopped. I could blame it on the fact that I went on vacation or that I started a new job, but let’s call a spade and spade and just admit that lately I have been drinking until I pass out and not taking any time to write reviews.

Since I know that you all worship me and hang on every word I type I have decided to make a couple of big blogs with my opinion on all of the shit I have been downing recently.

Cabo Wabo:If I didn’t think it would be frowned upon I would name my next child after this tequila. I am fairly certain that this liquor is made by God, quality checked by Jesus and Krishna and then distributed by Sammy Hagar.  Everyone has a stupid tequila story, but the truth is, real tequila doesn’t make you sick or give you a head ache, usually that is from lower end Mezcal.

When I drink Cabo, I tend to drink the entire bottle in one sitting. It covers me with a filling of happiness and i am always very posative and very excited when drinking it.  My buddy Steve who is a pissy drunk even perks up when we drink Cabo, it just makes you happy.

I give it 10 out of 10.


Mos Tequila!!!

Mos Tequila!!!


Maker’s Mark:Maker’s Mark is my favorite drink ever. I purposly deprive myself of it so that when I do treat myself to it I feel extra good. I do like it with Coke, but I usually just drink it on the rocks or maybe with a touch of honey.  has such an explosive flavor all on its own that I certainly reccomend drinking it straight before you mix it with anything else. Also, if you ever get the chance go down to the distillery, or the Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge

I give Maker’s a 1,178,936,289,476,290,473 out of 10


Melted wax like it melts your heart.

Melted wax like it melts your heart.


Gran Marnier: First crafted in 1880, Gran Marnier is essentially a blend of cognac’s and a hint of orange. To be completely truthful, I love this stuff, but it is far greater in small quantities. In other words, I love to drink while drinking other things as well.

Marnier is my “Date Drink”, when I was still a dating man I would often order a shot with about our 3rd round or so to show a little bit of class, but it is so sweet that if you drink to much in one sitting you will pay for it…with your ass.

The orange flavor makes your entire body feel like you walked into a sauna.

8 out of 10

Crown Royal: I know a lot of people that go apeshit for this stuff, but to me it is really a mid-range liquor. I mean, it’s good but it just doesn’t do anything, like its “stripper impressive” ie, as impressive as an old Camero or a Jeep CJ, or a dragon tattoo is to a stripper.

I guess the purple bag is cool, and it doesn’t taste bad, I mean, I will never turn it down, I just think it isn’t all its cracked up to be.

I will say that mixed into my friend’s and I have come to call the “Sick Snake” which is just a double shot of Crown, Squirt, and a little sugar over ice, it is pretty fucking good.

6 out of 10

Banker’s Club: Drinking Banker’s Club is a lot like listening to Nickelback in that you never want to do it, you feel disappointed in yourself while its happening and your just sick and depressed after its over.

I was first introduced to “The Club” while I was in college and under 21 and had to pay people of age to get me my drink. I would say rum, or vodka, or tequila and hand them a $20 and they would buy me the cheapest shit possible and keep the change for themselves. No shit, this piranha cum is only about $8 a for a handle.

True story, one time my buddy Jay and I were drinking Banker’s Club and eating Ramen noodles and I thought he said “Rum and Noodles” so I poured some in his bowl and he still ate it then threw up on the bus. Just don’t drink this shit. Ever!

0 out of 10


Kill me now

Kill me now



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