Pop music makes me sick

In a time where there are more vagina’s that I would like to penetrate in pop music than at almost any other time in history it still makes me sick to my fucking stomach.

Yes I beat off to Lady Gaga almost daily, yes I would split Katy Perry open like a pod of snow peas, yes the sexy little dance Ciara does where she showcases her sweet sweet lady pie like a Macy’s window display puts my boner to full mast and there are a gaggle of other bitches I would fuck senseless, but none of them make up for how shitty pop music is.

I wouldn’t be bitching about this normally because under nomal circumstances I would never listen to this horse shit. Unfortunately myself and some of my office allies lost the war waged against us for control of the radio so I am forced to listen to the stupid Colbie Caillat, Plain White Tees, Cold Play, lord let me die horseshit that is pop radio.

Its bad enough that all pop radio stations have the same fucking format wich is to play the same garbage song list every two hours so I hear the same fucking songs over and over again in the course of the day, but the music is just plain shit. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have always hated pop music, but the truth is at most times in my life there were at least two or three songs that really were good songs and only annoying because they were overplayed.

That’s not even the case anymore, everything and I do mean everything is shit. Every single song with a black male singer in uses that weird voice effect where they sound like that god damn bitch Cher, FloRida is almost ever song, Kanye west is a little fucking bitch who cries about every god damned thing (“oh my beard has gray hair”, “oh the president hates black people”, “oh my mommy died”), Green Day is trying to pretend they are still relevent and any cunt rag with a guitar that sings a shitty recycled love song needs junk punched. Its rediculous.

The other thing that pisses me off is that I used to really wanna get balls deep in Kelly Clarkson but she’s a fucking fat ass now.

2 responses to “Pop music makes me sick

  1. I’d still hit kelly. Just to say that i did.

  2. Word to the crackin

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