An open letter to Nickleback

I will keep this simple. Stop.

I will admit, your “Silver Side Up” had a few catchy tunes on it and at first didn’t make me want to stab a puppy but then it got over played and shitty.

Your music continues to suck and a level unattained by any other shitty musician ever. Ahhh, shhh, stop crying, its o.k.

You suck, own it, deal with it and stop making music. You’re like the shitty corporate rock of the 70’s and 80’s. Your lyrics sound like they were written by a masturbating 13 year old and your “music” all sounds like a couple of porcupines fucking.

And Chad old boy, you voice sounds like you swallowed some sand paper and then let a polar bear shit in your mouth. I mean really dude, that’s why people hit you in the head with rocks.

Look I get it, people keep pouring money in your pockets because shitty classic rock radio stations and corporate owned pop stations keep playing your shit so hillbilly red neck jock ass holes keep snapping up your shit, but people who actually love music want you all dead.

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