An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

What the hell is wrong with your face? You look like an alien cat, a cat from space. I know that really seems kind of mean, but it isn’t too far out of line. I mean lets face it, no one is listening to your music for your talent. I mean be honest babe, you have no talent.

You are what I like to call a “Pop Tard”. In other words, you aren’t exactly writing pop, or country or folk or anything else for that matter, instead you are taking the most worthless commercialized parts of all of those genres and blending it together into some kind of retarded shit stew that gets played on Adult Contemporary stations. Which I really just a nice way of saying music that dip shits listen to.

I don’t care who you are sucking fame out of like a parasite by doing a duet with this week. I don’t care what talentless piece of shit you are mounting, I don’t care who you pretend to have written songs for. I don’t care.

Your first song only got any attention because it had ANOTHER country singer’s name in the title. Boy that was clever. “When you think Tim Mcgraw I want you to remember I’m a slut”.

You sing about love and heart ache. You’re 19 fucking years old. Shut up. Seriously what the fuck do you know? You’re just barely out of high school. What happened to female country music singers? What happened to the booze and drug abuse? What happened to the 52 husbands? What happened to having affairs with baseball players or having huge fake tits and an amusement park?

That stupid fucking love story song you “sing” make me want to stab myself in the eyes with a broom stick. You are the WORST kind of performer.


Just Stop.

46 responses to “An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

  1. what an idiot

  2. Finally i know i’m not the only one who feels the same
    thank u πŸ™‚

  3. I hate Taylor swift. Shes so ugly. shes also stupid and fake. Shes so mean and she wonders why guys are afraid of her. it’s because she writes a trashy song every time a guy breaks up with her.

  4. Great job on that blog!!!! I’m glad you wrote and I agree with you 100%!!!

  5. I agree to this 110%!!! All my friends are goo goo crazy over how “beautiful” she is, and how “talented” and I’m all like shut up!

  6. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. I can’t agree more

  8. She seems weird and not interesting to me. I dont know what people like about her that much? :-/ She’s uglycute but i dont see anything special about her.
    The only thing i like is her two songs ”You belong with me” and ”Love Story” but dont like her other songs, they all sound alike to me.

  9. she’s just another fucking hick with a big nose and bad body odor who smell like wet cows who pretends like she’s so innocent and can write her own songs but she’s just another stupid cracker who sits and whines about everything that’s wrong with her life… “boohoo boys don’t like gonna write a mean song about you” GET OVER IT u fucking dumb blonde cracker


  11. omg ur all idiots taylor swift is the most frikin amazing celeb out there she is pretty and not a drunk whore like some people (cough kesha, miley cyrus, etc.)

  12. milo minderbinder

    i thought i was the only one that argued with my inlaws (who think shes “sooo talented”) about what talentless vapid bird brain she is, thank you.

  13. I fucking love teh internetz. I’ve always though that Swift looks like an alien cat, so I do a quick Google search and find that other people think exactly the same thing. Affirmation, man.

    Hard to disagree with your sentiments, either. If you’ve heard one T-Swiffy song, you’ve heard them all.


  15. Γ³h my goshhhhh…..why are you all soooooo jealous? shes so pretty i love her taylor swift ROCKS i love you all god bless you

  16. She should marry Nik Richie and have simpleton babies that look like cats.

  17. i had to go to her concert with my ‘friend’ and she couldn’t even say massachusetts
    i was like WTH?!?!?!?

  18. Fuck you bitch

  19. shirin lautner

    she is the ***** when she knows that someone LOVE but really she break his heart she so ***** i HATE her so much and im glad to see u guys hates her too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ FUCK U taylor swift we hate u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. Taylor swift is ok..but her face is ugly

  21. Wow are you ever right about that virgin loser Taylor Swift. She is such an idiot that she can’t even keep a guy cause she refuses to give up her cherry until she is married. She will die a virgin no doubt as nobody would marry her just to get in bed with her. lol

  22. She sounds worse than a cat stuck in a washing machine on the spin cycle!!!! and she has to be the worlds biggest whore!!!

  23. i’m from another country. Everybody’s think that she is fake. i mean that she is not innocent, and all the guys can’t break up with her only because they are so bad boys and do so much hurt to poor 22 years old girl. I mean it’s ok if 2 or 3 or even 4 guys in sequence brake up with u, but if it is more> it is mean that something wrong with u! And she is also write songs about all those guys, good guys i think, just because she needs to look innocent for her fans and she needs to be popular. it is easy to explain. Sex is everywhere: in the movie, on the TV, in the music, music videos, everywhere. Taylor chose the write way. She realized that people need something they do not have. Today it is innocent and kind.
    You know, I have nothing against her appearance, she is normal and I even like some of her songs, although they would not cling to the soul probably because her songs are not from the heart. I do not like her because she’s so unnatural. I mean that it can look like very naive and sweet but you just feel inside when a man pretends to be.

    After all, if a person sincere, everybody’s like him/her, and if someone does not like him/her, only for certain qualities of character, but nobody would call him/her fake if it is not. And if it is fake, then At least one At least some people just feel internally that something is wrong and unnatural. that’s what I feel about Taylor. the feeling is never wrong.
    intuition is always produced on the feelings. unconsciously .. it’s your instinct. and if it seemed not only to me but some people feel it, so it is.
    Yes, people can pretend to elaborate, they can even outwit a person, crowd, even the whole nation. so if you feel internally, then just you know that it is. intuition never fails.

  24. sorry for my mistakes i’m learning english only for 6 month.

  25. So true, taylor swift is the most annoying person.

  26. Who is not sick of her songs about the same old crap. The real female country singers sing about being country . Enough with the relationship songs. at least till you have had a life.

  27. all women are whores. I bet Taylor’s pubes are 6 feet long. Tim Mcraw and faith graw floss their teeth with them. Atleast it’s not that rap crap,,do you feel me,know what I’m sayin? word.

  28. Gillian Styles

    Yeah! I totally agree with you. I hate how she’s dating Harry Styles from One Direction now too… she’s just… ughhhh, no he deserves a real person for a grilfriend and not a alien like her.

  29. I hate u taylor 4 stealing harry styles from one direction he is mine

  30. Harry is mine not yours taylor

  31. put on some makeup u need it taylor and please alot

  32. This is sooooo rude!!!!Poor Taylor she’s a nice person:)

  33. MittRomneysSuicidalSupporters

    She is a mouth-breathing, no talent, IDIOT with a permanent deer-in-the-headlights, vacant expression on her face. Oh, and she’s a damn stick figure. Eat a sandwich, you brainless twit!

  34. Finally,somebody tells the truth.
    It’s too disgusting to even type her name. Most awful person in the American country music history. Come on, is that Country Music?worse than fart.

  35. anonymousmouse

    you people are all disgusting. I hope you all die meaningless empty lives as you get all bent out of shape on celebrities. Learn to swim, fuckers!

  36. you are mean taylo
    r is stuip hoe

  37. I agree, her stupid music video was about a nerd girl who the jock likes but doesnt want to admit e likes her cuz she doesnt dreas slitty enough, and so instead of finding a guy who appreciates her, she dresses like a slut and the guy decides “ah ok Im not ashamed of being seen with her anymore” and professes his love for her.

    fucking rly swift?

  38. agree

  39. πŸ™‚ I love this.. Haha.. I hate Taylor Swift sooooooooo much.

  40. Your mean I can’t believe you you are messed up leave her alone I aware you that taylor is a famous singer with millions of fans I warn you you beat it erase this or ill get millions of people to hate you besides you’re no better than she is 😦

  41. Your mean I can’t believe you you are messed up leave her alone I aware you that taylor is a famous singer with millions of fans I warn you you beat it erase this or ill get millions of people to hate you besides you’re no better than she is 😦 you are a messed up person besides your just jealous super jealous I hate you as much you hate taylor swift 😦

  42. That’s awesome. You also hate spelling and properly formed sentences.

  43. Omg Yasss I Thot I was the only one and btw yess I was laughing the hole time I read this lol I hate her so much this hoe need a fucking life

  44. Fuck u all -mark (Lina’s bro)

  45. No, I’m much, much better. I also don’t look like a space creature.

  46. Yes she is stupid, look at her rant on how spotify is ripping artists off. She could have made over 6 million this year alone. Shut up Taylor and stop telling people not to use Spotify. They should sue your ass for slander Taylor. Idiot.

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