The balls are back!

Some of you may remember that a long running competition sponsored by Hey Stupid was the Battle of the Balls!!!  Unfortunately about 18 months ago we had to stop the battle because…well we lost interest in doing it.

But we are proud to say…ITS BACK BABY!!! Bring on the balls!!!


Now if you remember, our all time winningest undisputed champion was Snake Plissken, with 2,347,918 career wins and received the BTOB Sack of Lifetime Achievement (pictured above).

Back in Snake’s day the BOTB competition was like the wild west. No structure, no rules, no nothing. The new incarnation will be more entertainment oriented. There will still be fights to the death, there will still be large breasted nude women, there will still be ass kicking, but now it will have the flair of early 80’s to late 90’s pro-wrestling.

Snake Plissken will not be a featured competitor, but will act as the commissioner and I can think of no greater man for the job.


Constant runner-up Steve “THE GUTTE” Guttenbergwill act as head referee, providing fair rulings on all matches and “keeping it clean”

To fill the posistion of president for our new organization, we wanted someone with experience, class and all around appeal. What choice did we have but to give the job to the re-animated corpse of Chris Benoit?

One of the first changes that President Zombie Benoit wanted to make was to replace the familiar BOTB trophy with a championship belt (not the one pictured above).

We will also be attempting to secure our own arena in which to hold our gladitorial combat.

Be sure to check back as we will be adding more updates all the time.

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