The Big Desk

It Be’s Dat Ways Sometimes.

So the old desk is now history. For those of you “in the know”, you are aware of my upcoming departure from Denton. Yes, Your Literary Hero has had some great triumphs and tragedies in old Denton County, and razed a path of bitches all the way from San Antonio to Tishimingo, OK to McKinney and Odessa. Really, no real man can achieve as much as the Wolcott family did in Texas but I feel Brom Bones came as close as any man ever will.
Like an old horse, the Big Desk was with me since day 1, when I mistakenly came to the Lone Star State, in search of things that had already been found, like gold and Space and Atlantis. The Big Desk served as both a big desk and as a big place to put desk items. But, no more, as the Big Desk has been thrown into the trash, a sad and pitiful way for such hero to go out, the once proud stallion now broken.
I vowed upon dismantlement that I will one day have an even bigger 1-room apartment/office with an even BIGGER Big Desk. That’s when you know you made it to the big time. That’s when mom and dad are finally proud of their child. That’s the top of the world, mom, and if it takes me 8 more years of undergrad to prove it, I swear to fuckin’ Christ I’m gonna buy that desk and I’m gonna make sure it takes up 90 percent of the room like the Big Desk did for 5 years.
Doctor Sullivan, Ross’s alcohol tolerance, the Big Desk… all casualties in the war of life.  

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