Guns Backs Up Claims of Nasty Noah


In a show of fluff-rock solidarity late Wednesday evening, former LA Guns lead guitarist and hair-metal virtuoso Tracii Guns has stood behind the statements of SNYDER guitarist Nasty Noah. “Noah was right with what he said, I’m a much better guitarist than Carlos Santana.”

Nasty Noah’s comments came in a phone interview in which he made the claim that LA Guns were a much more influential band than “The Beatles”… or, his own version of them. The guitarist claimed that former Genesis bandmates Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins were members of The Beatles. Coincidentally enough, he made no mention of Carlos Santana. Guns said, “I’m not, like, begging for a video game to be made…. but… Please make Rockband LA Guns. I really, really need you to make Rockband LA Guns.”

Guns has been out of the limelight since the “hey day” of glam metal. In 2002, Guns and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx formed the band Brides of Destruction. Sixx left in late 2004 to devote himself fully to Motley Crue, and Brides of Destruction released a second album before disbanding. Guns put together the Tracii Guns Band, which is now going by the name L.A. Guns, even though another line-up of musicians is using the same name. “L.A. Guns” is recording a new album that will be released sometime in 2009. Guns is also rumored to be part of the upcoming Couchman collaboration, but nothing has been officially released as yet.

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