SNYDER Guitarist: LA Guns Better than The Beatles


It is status quo from Camp SNYDER.

With the recent re-emergence of the famed rock band SNYDER, there has been no shortage of the same types of hyjinx that helped initially make the band one of the top acts in music history. SNYDER has a lengthy catalog of merchandise that has made each member of the band rich beyond anyone’s estimation. Whether or not they still have any of that cash is anyone’s guess, but a surefire jumpstart to the piggy banks will undoubtably come with the release of the video game “Rockband SNYDER“. The Rockband series is tremendously successful, and has done incredibly well even with single-act platforms such as  “Rockband The Beatles” released Wednesday, and has already sold over a million copies in the United States alone.

“If you think about it, The Beatles weren’t (expletive),” said SNYDER guitarist Nasty Noah in a phone interview earlier Wednesday. “I mean, all they did was do a bunch of drugs and fool everybody into thinking they had talent.” At the end of that statement, Nasty Noah paused and appeared to have an epiphany, but after a bottle passed across his lips, he followed it up with: “I ain’t never even been to (expletive) England, but I bet they ain’t got nothin’ cool over there like America got.


We got all kinds of (expletive). iPods and Jack in the Box and all kinds of (expletive). They just don’t have that kind of stuff in England. What we have though is a president who is killing our freedom and killin’ the working man, like me. I work hard for all these drugs. Don’t print that last part.”

When asked how Nasty felt about The Beatles game being released so close to the released date of the SNYDER version, Noah said, “What’s so great about The Beatles? You take a look at Dut’s solo album… Man, that’s a great album. You look at Turbo’s Chargers, that’s a great band. You have my side project, Couchman. It’s kinda like Buckethead only I wear a Spiderman mask. The album will be droppin’ soon. Don’t let it get out though that I’m Couchman, cause he’s like a superhero with a guitar and we’re gonna make comics and little kid’s toothbrushes and (expletive). All that stuff, man, a great band can do stuff indivually as well as together. All that Beatles stuff, I don’t like Phil Collins solo OR Peter Gabriel’s solo stuff, I just don’t see what the big hype is all about. You wanna play a real game, kids, you get Rockband Snyder, that game’ll teach you all the stuff you need, like playing one hooker off against another to get the best deal and how to hide drugs by making your guitar techs carry it. I’d fight Peter Gabriel and I’d win. Hell, I’ll fight Phil Collins too if he thinks his game is as good as ours. It ain’t. Hey, you wanna make a real good game, you gotta make like Rockband LA Guns. I think LA Guns is a much more influential band than Phil Collins. You ever see Tracii Gunns play guitar? Try playin’ that in your house with a toy guitar. They oughta make a Danger Danger game, too, but I didn’t really like Andy Timmons in Danger Danger.” 

SNYDER is currently on tour and is one of the best-selling rock and roll bands of all time.

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