SNYDER:Tragedy Strikes SNYDER

Port Huron, MI

Today is a sad day in the world of the hard rock band SNYDER. This morning at 4:47 am EST the body of long time SNYDER drummer Cimba (AKA: Cimba Psychosis, AKA: Justin “Little Boots” Cimba),  was found in a rented room in a men’s bath house.


Cimba (April 4th, 1959- September 10th, 2009 Age:50) was a young man of only six when his family was killed by explosion when his drum virtuoso father blew up the house trying a daring drumstick trick where the sticks are replaced by lit dynamite, a trick he learned from Chinese drummers when on tour in Bangkok.

Cimba began playing with the Miller twins before joining SNYDER. During SNYDER’s break up and various periods of hiatus Cimba worked on a solo country and western career releasing the albums, “Coming Out To The Country”, “A-bucking Bronco”, “Ride Hard All Night” and “Paint the Bucket”

Along with his country music career Cimba has also written hits for various other stars including Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, a bunch of other pop country jackasses, some crappy indie bands you’ve never heard of and the Rolling Stones.

Cimba, who was often called the Elton John of drumming was extremely flamboyant on and off stage, known for doing a trick where he replaced his drumsticks with lit dynamite and large, intricate drumsets that no human could possibly play.

Cimba’s body was discovered by an unidentified individual and was reported to emergency personal from a pay phone across the street from the bath house. Police report that the scene wasn’t too far out of the ordinary, the room was trashed as if there had been a party, gay porn was strewn about the place and used condoms were littering the floor. While all disturbing, none of this would indicate the cause of death.

Cimba was often known as the only sober member of SNYDER as his allergy to anything fun or non lame would make his mangina bleed when he was around drugs or alcohol, though substance abuse can’t be ruled out until a toxicology report is released later this week.

Cimba shocked the nation in 1993 when he appeared on the cover of “Out” magazine and declared his homosexuality. Since he outted himself Cimba has lead over 22 GLBT parades and has had relationships with such high profile homosexuals as Rob Halford, George Michael and John Mayer. “Cleo’s Wash Parlor”, the bath house and hotel his body was discovered at has long been known as THE gay gathering place in Michigan and was often frequented by Cimba.

Cimba and his bandmates had been gearing up for their upcoming “Still Hard” tour, to celebrate the band’s 30 year history and promote the new album “Come Again”. Cimba also lent his likeness to a line of SNYDER action figures as well as the upcoming video game SNYDER: Rockband.

When asked about the recent news SNYDER guitarist Turbo had this to say, “Cimba was a pussy, but he’ll be missed. He was a good drummer and a good guy. We are still going to go ahead with the tour with Rick Mitchell on drums, but there will definitely be an air of sadness around us.”

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