I should have never turned on the t.v

When I sit down to watch broadcast television it is a rare event. Mostly, I watch dvds because I hate commercials and channel surfing. A few years ago we got a DVR which allows me to watch only the shows I want and watch them without commercials and I felt safe and warm.

Recently however I moved and we had to wait a week for our cable to be hooked up so of course nothing new recorded. When I sat down on the couch lastnight after dinner I was forced to watch regular television. I should have known better.


The first thing that caught me off guard was the breaking news of the death of Patrick Swayze.  I mean I know he’s been dying of cancer for a while but I really thought it would be one of those things that went on for quite a long time. Looks like I was wrong, sorry Pat. Hopefully no one tries to put Jennifer Grey  in a corner, then again, she always has Ferris Bueller.

After all of that was the latest news about Kanye West.

Now here is a true problem for me, I have hated Kanye West from the first time I heard him. I didn’t even know anything about his attitude them, I just thought he was an untalented dickbag. I mean he strikes me as the type of dude that would be the runner-up on a hip hop version of American Idol. He’s just worthless. 

Then came all the stupid shit, all the “President bush doesn’t care about black people” (he doesn’t but we didn’t need YOU to tell us that) to the “I’m a voice of a generation” (no…no your not, take your venetian blind sunglasses and shove them up your ass) to “boo hoo my mommy died, feel bad for me” and my favorite, “there’s gray hair in my beard”.

I realize he is probably just playing a character to help sell his shitty records, but Kanye…dude, you aren’t cool enough to pull it off. Just go suck somewhere in silence.

On the other hand, I have an open contract out for anyone who wants the money to kill Taylor Swift. She’s a stupid Pop Tard and I really feel the world would be a better place with out her in it. Her music sounds like my unwashed dick tastes, she looks like an alien cat, a cat from space, she is only famous because of dropping other artists names in songs and doing duets with more famous people.

 So the problem is, who’s side am I on? Kanye cutting of Swift would be like Hitler curing cancer. I mean sure cancer is cured, but it’s still hitler. I love the fact that swift was embarrassed and got cut off, I honestly thought it was hilarious, but I still had to listen to Kanye talk, so was it really worth it?

Maybe if Kanye had taken a piss on her after the rant that would have made him cooler in my eyes…but I doubt it.

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