The Booze Blog Number 5

Magic Hat:

Magic hat is usually always a good brew. They are a craft brewer out of Vermont known for beers like, “#9” and “Heart Of Darkness” that I must say pack a pile of flavor. I wouldn’t call it a “daily drinker” or a “pizza beer” but there is no doubt about the fact that Magic Hat is one of the most consistent brewers I have encountered.

I have had the good fortune of enjoying MOST of their brews and there honestly hasn’t been one yet that I haven’t enjoyed. My personal favorites are the “Blind Faith” IPA, the “Wacko” summer seasonal and “Lucky Kat”. I would say that if someone offers you any flavor of Magic Hat you accept and enjoy one of the finest beers you’ll ever have.

magic-hat-lucky-kat-ipaI give this beer a 10 out of 10


When I was a young kid all my dad drank was Genesee. It was “his” beer. As I grew up and started drinking up in the woods with my friends, I drank Genny because it was always in the house so I always had access to it and of course, my dad drank it.

Now, when someone offers me a Genny I will usually try and determine if there is any other beer available first. It isn’t that I really dislike it, I just think I have had way too much of it in my time. It’s like drinking Keystone to me, I don’t hate it I just don’t have a desire to do it. I will say it does go good with pizza and wings.


This beer isn’t bad but it isn’t “really good”. I give it a 4 out of 10.

Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale

This is one of those Michelob specialty beers.  For as much as I am not an overall fan of Bud, I do like Michelob. Like all brewers they have their beers that I think are shitty, but generally beers under the Michelob brand are pretty good. When I found Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale in my local beer market I was excited to try it. Lord knows I love bourbon, and a barrel aged beer is usually always delicious, this however was not.

Initially the beer is very very sweet and with the promise of bourbon and cask aging a slight bitterness should have followed it and evened out the flavor, the balance however, never came. It wasn’t that the beer was disgusting, I bought a six pack and I drank a six pack, I just probably wouldn’t drink it again. It tasted a lot like drinking a birthday cake soaked in beer.


I give this beer a 3 out of 10. It was just way too sweet.


How do I start on Foster’s?  I don’t really have a problem with the beer so much as I do the marketing of the beer. In most bars that serve Foster’s it is sold as an import premium or in some really shitty bars an ultra-premium. While it is an “import” it is by no means a premium or ultra-premium beer.

Let me ask you something, can you easily think of any other Australian beer? Probably not, because Foster’s is marketed as THE Aussie beer. Well here is my issue, Foster’s IS a good beer, but it isn’t Foster’s Group’s premium beer. In fact most Aussie’s don’t even drink Foster’s, they drink the more highend brews so it would be like if  Anheiser-Busch only exported one beer and marketed it as THE American beer and charged a high dollar ammount for it and that beer was Natural Ice.


Overall I give Foster’s a 5 out of 10.

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