“Dirty Dancing” Plot Review

I have never seen Dirty Dancing but tonight was forced to watch the last few scenes. Not having a clue what the hell was happening, Leeanna gave me some info which I found to be both hilarious and very strange. Keep in mind that she told me this over an hour ago and I have already forgotten some of it but I will fill in the gaps as best I can.
From what I can tell and what Leeanna told me…

Patrick Swayze is a drifter who finds a job as a dance teacher at a community college. That is where Jennifer Gray goes to school and when her dad comes to visit, Jennifer Gray’s sister gets knocked up by Patrick Swayze. All hell breaks loose as a scheduled abortion falls on the same day as either a Penn State game or a dance-off. Either way, I am pissed if I am gonna miss this.

Patrick Swayze

So jennifer gray aka Baby gets her dad to fund an abortion. Because her sister cannot afford the abortion, Patrick Swayze must win first place in the dance off. So baby becomes his partner and they have to train her real like in The Cutting Edge or Rocky 6. Strangely enough there is no evil dance tandem, as far as I can see?

So patrick swayze gives a magnificent performance and he and Baby save the fetus, I guess. But apparently her sister died in child birth bc she has disappeared.
Then Swayze earns the respect of Baby’s father and I think he went on to be a bouncer with Sam Elliot and Jeff Healey shortly thereafter.

If you think about it, dance competitions to save aborted fetuses is a great idea for a movie. At least that’s what they thought in the 80’s.

8 responses to ““Dirty Dancing” Plot Review

  1. errrmmmm…I think you actually need to watch this as you don’t have a lot of the information correct.

  2. Please don’t be that dumb.

  3. not even close to what the movie is about.

  4. That is EXACTLY what that movie was about.

  5. Umm… no, the fetus is aborted. The low life “doctor” who did it almost kills the lady, Baby pulls her dad in to help her. He is a real Doctor, and saves her. The fetus however, will never dance.

  6. Er…. no. You have just about everything wrong. Everything. *rolls eyes*

  7. Why do you have to spoil the image and memory of those who liked the film?

  8. Are you kidding me…OMGyou are not even close on this one Hun…better sit down and watch…well worth it

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