The EXPLODER: Hawk’s Rising!

As some of you may remember, a little over six months ago we brought you the news that O.K. Entertainment was hoping to reboot The EXPLODER! series. Originally the plan was going to be to reboot the series based more on the “EXPLODER” comic book with a new character, Fallons Bayne as the EXPLODER’s alter ego. Four months after our report production began on the film, but after a week on location the entire movie melted down.

In a press release Executive Producer Rocky D. said “The cost to use CGI to make Nick Cage look young and fit, and appear to be a decent actor wiped out our whole budget, then he just stamped off the set like a little bitch.”

Well to make a long story short, the entire production was shut down and after drumming up some investors, a new project was put together. We had the chance to interview Rocky D. about the new film, here is some of that interview.

HS: So what is the current direction for The EXPLODER? We are guessing from the title that you are planning on using the character Dalton Hawk again as opposed to Fallons Bayne.

RD: That’s correct. We still want to reboot the series, but after what happened last time we took it as a sign that we must use Dalton Hawk. This movie isn’t just a reboot, its a complete re-imagining.

HS: How so?

RD: Well as most of the die hard fans know, the popular cannon tells us that Dalton was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains and was sort of a hillbilly. His family made and ran moon shine, his father was killed by a revenuer and his brother R.G. Hawk was killed in space. We are totally changing all of that around. In THIS film, Dalton will have a sister instead of a brother. Instead of being red neck country bumpkins, they will be urbanized.

HS: You mean they’ll be black?

RD: No no no, I mean they will be raised on the mean streets of New York. They will be darker and grittier. Also, in this version their father was a spy for the government who was killed over seas. It’ll be awesome.

HS: It sounds great.

The EXPLODER!: Hawk’s Rising!!!

Ext: A warehouse parking lot. It is dark almost no stars and the rain is pouring down. all of the sudden the warehouse door bursts open and two men come running out they are holding brief cases and running…HARD.

A security guard runs out behind them but Theif #1 shoots at him, he just barely misses. Just then there is another crack of gunfire and Theif  #2’s head literally explodes like a cantaloupe filled with quarter sticks.

The camera moves up to focus on a shadowy figure standing on top of the warehouse. He leaps down off the roof and lands on his feet. He fires his gun and the barrel flash distorts his face. The camera pans back to Thief #1 just as the bullet is exiting his chest followed by a cloud of blood and a blowout of end trails. When the camera pans back to the shooter he is gone.

Cut to a news report of the “hero” security guard who foiled two thieves and recovered the stolen goods. The camera pulls back to revel the a man watching the t.v. in a wing back chair, all you can see is the top of his head and a plume of cigar smoke. As the camera rotates around the chair you see the same gun that was used against the thieves.

Cut to the title sequence withmusic by Cobra Starship.

Int. Police station. An attractive female detective played by Mila Kunis is sitting at her desk writing a report about the warehouse robbery the night before.

DET. HUTCHENS (Kunis): This is such bullshit. There is no way that guard killed both those men.

DET. GABRIEL (Eric Balfour): Relax Hutchens, you know as well as I do who’s responsible for this, but everyone over there is sticking to their stories so what are we going to do?

DET. HUTCHENS: I just don’t understand why we can’t go after this vigilante. He’s been nothing but a blight on our city for the last 5 years.

DET. GABRIEL: HE has been responsible for lowing the crime rate in our jurisdiction alone by 20% and who knows by how much through out the entire five boroughs. Cut the guy some slack.

DET. HUTCHENS: Slack? Murder is not justice.

Hutchens slams her fist on the desk and stands up

DET. HUTCHENS: Murder is the crime. I don’t care who this guy is or what he calls himself, he’s a menace.

DET. GABRIEL: He calls himself the EXPLODER!

The camera cuts across the room to the captain’s office, the door opens and the captain stands framed by the door.

CAPT. SHULLY (Michael Madsen): Hutchens, Gabrial, get your butts in my office right now.

INT: Capt. Shully’s Office- An old tri blade fan sits on the desk rattling against the protective cage, a fly buzzes around the room. The chairs at the desk are old and the desk itself is covered with papers, a coffee mug and a box of stale donuts.

CAPT. SHULLY: What the hell happened over at the Ninco Warehouse last night?

DET GABRIEL: There was a break in, two men wearing black pants and black coats entered a safe and took the contents. The security guard, Ted Devero, apprehended the two men as they were escaping. They fired upon him, he returned fire and killed both men.

CAPT. SHULLY: You expect me to believe that shit? Some under paid security guard who probably wasn’t even awake during the break in chased down to thieves, fired on them and killed them both with one shot each?

DET GABRIEL: Certainly sounds plausible.

CAPT. SHULLY: Did you even check the guards gun to see if two rounds had been expended?

DET GABRIEL: Well, no, I mean it all seemed to be explained pretty well.

CAPT. SHULLY: Unbelievable. What’s your take on the situation Hutchens?

DET. HUTCHENS: Well sir, I think…no, I KNOW, this was the EXPLODER again.

CAPT. SHULLY: Shut up Hutchens. I asked you because I thought you were the level headed one. Don’t give me that EXPLODER shit. It seems like every time you guys don’t wanna do your job or take the easy way out you pin the work on the EXPLODER. You don’t even know if he’s a real person.

DET HUTCHENS: I know he’s a real person.

CAPT’. SHULLY: Show me some evidence. You know what, get the hell out of my office.

EXT: Night, there are three men huddled in an alley watching an armored truck being loaded with crates. As the driver and the guard enter the truck and drive toward the men they ready themselves, just as the truck passes it pulls to a stop light and the men climb onto the back of the truck.

The truck makes its way through the city as the three men climb on top of the truck. The truck pulls into a secured lot and stops. When the driver and the guard come around to the back to unlock the doors the three men on top of the truck jump down and subdue the to men.

One of the three guys jumps in the back of the truck and the other 2 enter the cab.

INT: Cab of the truck- The two men in the truck are congratulating each other as the truck is starting to leave the lot. Just then a grenade lands on the windshield. The force of the explosion isn’t enough to blow out the windshield but it does shatter it.

EXT: The truck is swerving all over the lot, the same shadowy figure runs head on toward the truck, jumps on to the hood and then throws himself through the shattered windshield. The truck grinds to a halt and he tosses both men out through the windshield.

The man jumps out of the truck and attacks the first thief with a knife. He cuts off both his ears and knocks him down with a punch. The second thief gets up and fires three rounds at the figure.

The mystery man leaps at him and puts his foot into the criminals knee causing it to snap and forcing the bone out through the skin. He then puts a grenade in the mans mouth and pulls the pin.

As the man’s head explodes the figure returns to the first man and in one slash of his knife he cuts three fingers off the man’s hand. He then shoves his knife through the man’s head from under his chin.

Just then the third criminal jumps out of the truck and makes a run for it. The shadowy figure pulls a Molotov cocktail out of his jacket, lights it and tosses it at the escaping criminal. It explodes on impact and engulfs the fleeing man in flames.

The figure turns around, lights a cigar and ever so briefly we see a small section of the shadowy figures face revealing a long scar. He gets on his motorcycle and rides off.

EXT: SECURED LOT- The scene is not taped off and covered with cops. Police officers are investigating the scene when Detectives Hutchens and Gabriel arrive.

DET. HUTCHENS: So what’s the explanation here?

OFFICER #1: Apparently these three dudes were trying to steal this armored truck when things went really wrong for them.

DET. HUTCHENS: Are the armored car drivers trying to claim they fought off the bad guys?

OFFICER #2: No. Actually they have no idea what happened, they were both unconscious and when they came too they found this mess.

DET GABRIEL: Well, looks like your boy left us a real mess to clean up here.

DET. HUTCHENS: Oh, so you’re admitting that you think its him?

DET. GABRIEL: Who else would it be?

Capt. Shully yells from off camera

CAPT. SHULLY: What in the name of good bloody Christ is going on here?!?!

DET. HUTCHENS: Its him sir. Its that GOD DAMNED vigilante asshole again.

CAPT. SHULLY: Not this shit again.

DET. GABRIEL: What else do you need sir?

CAPT. SHULLY: This could have been anything, a gang war, an attack by another set of thieves, who knows.

DET. HUTCHENS: Sir if it were a gang war or an attack, why would the truck not have been emptied? Nothing was taken sir.

CAPT. SHULLY: Alright you two, walk with me.

The captain and the two detectives walk out of earshot of the other officers.

CAPT. SHULLY: Look, I can’t hardly deny anymore that there is something going on. I don’t want to admit that we are dealing with some psycho vigilante fuck up or else the media will be all over it and god knows the people of this town will rally behind him.

Capt. Shully lights a cigarette and takes a long pause.

CAPT. SHULLY: On the other hand, I have the mayor riding my ass like a cheap whore with no lube and he wants answers. On top of that both Ninco Corp. and Laratech are into some pretty wicked shit working on weapons and what not. I think its safe to say that both of these incidents are tied together in more ways than one.

DET. GABRIEL: So what do you want us to do captain?

CAPT. SHULLY: I am going to arrange a little vacation time for the two of you. I want you both to be off the books on all of this. Find out what the HELL is going on in this town and put a stop to it. Do what ever you have to do, but sort this out and make some arrests.

INT. Det. Hutchens’ apartment- The apartment is cramped but not cluttered. Some photos hang on the wall, there are two photos of men in military uniforms. One photo has a plaque that reads “Major. Marcus Hutchens  1949-1989″ the other reads ” Sgt. Dalton Hutchens 1981- 2004″. Both are decorated with a purple heart and have a folded American flag encased under them.

Det Hutchens sits in front of her computer looking through crime scene photos when suddenly something catches her eye. In the background of one photo she sees a silhouette of a man and zooms in on it. The zoom reveals a grainy image of a man wearing black leather pants, black boots, a bullet proof vest covered in grenades and wearing a long jacket. He is holding two pistols and his face is in the shadows making it impossible to see.

DET. HUTCHENS: Who are you ass hole?

INT: Car- The inside of the 1967 Buick Rivera is illuminated by the dash lights and reveals Detective Gabriel loading a pistol. He puts the weapon in a shoulder holster and exists the car walking toward a bodegga.

INT: Bodegga- Gabriel walks in the front door and straight to the counter where he grabs the cashier, slams him down on the counter and put his gun in his mouth.

DET. GABRIEL: Hi there Robby, its your old pal Lucius Gabriel. Remember me?

SANDEEP “ROBBY” MAHARAJAPURAM (Jose Pablo Cantillo): (Garrbled by gun) What the fuck? What the fuck?

DET. GABRIEL: How have you been Robby? I needed some hard to get information and I thought “Who’s the best person to ask about some secret criminal shit” (snaps his fingers) “My ol’ pal Robby.

Gabriel takes the gun out of Robby’s mouth.

SANDEEP “ROBBY” MAHARAJAPURAM: Look ass face fuck, I told you before, my name is Sandeep. As far as knowing anything, I am done being your informant. You treat me like dog cock. I work for you no more.

DET. GABRIEL: Oh well, that’s no good. It would be a real shame to have to haul your ass down to the tombs tonight for suspecting you of being up to your old tricks again.

SANDEEP “ROBBY” MAHARAJAPURAM: Fine, fuck you, you bloody cum bubble sniffing pube smoke. What do you want to know?

DET. GABRIEL: You have a terrible mouth. I need to know about a vigilante.


DET. GABRIEL: Oh, you’ve heard of him?

SANDEEP “ROBBY” MAHARAJAPURAM: Heard of him, yes. Know anything about him? No. A couple of guys I know claim a couple of guys they know got fucked up real good by him. He’s probably ex-military, he’s damn near impossible to kill but beyond that I don’t know fuck shit.

DET. GABRIEL: These guys you know, where can I find them?

SANDEEP “ROBBY” MAHARAJAPURAM: How should I know? I’m not their fucking mother, mother fucker. They are probably down drinking at The Lex.

DET GABRIEL: Thanks a bunch Robby.

SANDEEP “ROBBY” MAHARAJAPURAM: Its Sandeep you cunt rag dick bag dip shit!

INT:Gabriel’s Car- Gabriel is on the phone

DET. GABRIEL: Hutchens? Yeah its Gabriel. Look I got a lead on our friend. I will be at your place in 20 minutes, we are going to grab some drinks. No. Look, just be ready.

EXT: Hutchens Apartment- Gabriel pulls up, Hutchens gets in the car and they drive off.

DET. HUTCHENS: So what the fuck are we going drinking for?

DET. GABRIEL: I got a lead on some guys that have had a brush with our boy and they are supposedly tossin’ em back down at The Lex. You look nice by the way.

DET. HUTCHENS: I’m so flattered. I was going through some of the old crime scene photos and I found a couple of shots of our guy, but his face was always obscured. In every photo though he is wearing the same outfit.

DET. GABRIEL: Please tell me he doesn’t wear a cape.

The car arrives at The Lex and they get out and walk into the bar.

INT: The Lex- The Lex is a real meat market. Cages in the corners, body shots, sluts everywhere. Plenty of meat head guys juiced up on roids and hot girls with barely any clothing. The average age of the crowd is 22. Gabriel and Hutchens stick out like sore thumbs.

Gabriel looks scans the crowd and see a group of guys that also look out of place. He strolls over and takes a seat at their table while Hutchens stands behind him.

DET. GABRIEL: Howdy guys.

THUG #1: Who the fuck are you?

DET. GABRIEL: My name is Cam Fallons. Sandeep Mahrajapuram told me to find you here.

THUG #2: You must be in the wrong place. We don’t know no fuckin towel heads.

THUG #3: Yeah, *fake accent* Tank chu, come again!

DET. GABRIEL: No, I am pretty sure your the group of homos, faggots and sissies I’m looking for.

THUG #2: What the fuck did you say?

DET. GABRIEL: Well I am sure your thinking about sucking dick so I a forgive you for not listening, I understand you guys know some guys that had a run in with someone who’s been a real pain in my ass and I need to find out a bit more about him.

THUG #1: Alright, so let’s say we do have some information, shit like that don’t come free.

Gabriel puts $1,000 on the table in front of him.

THUG #3: Well that will certainly get things started, but anyone willing to pay a grand will surely pay 2.

DET. HUTCHENS: You’re lucky I don’t pistol whip you right now.

THUG #2: Shut up bitch, no one’s talking to you. You’re lucky you don’t get drug into the bathroom and taught a little respect.

DET. HUTCHENS: Please, if I saw you in the bathroom all I’d do is laugh at your pathetic excuse for a dick.

THUG #1: You two shut up. If these two nice folks are willing to pay us 2 grand we can take you right to our boy who met your guy face to face.

DET. GABRIEL: Make it twelve hundred. That’s all I got.

The three thugs look at each other.

THUG #1 Yeah, come on, follow us.

The five people exit the bar, the thugs get into an old blazer and the detectives get into Gabriel’s car.


DET. HUTCHENS: If shit goes south here we need to have a plan.

DET. GABRIEL: What do you mean?

DET. HUTCHENS: I mean, when these guys drive us to a dark location and try kill us for the cash you got on you, we need to have a plan.

DET. GABRIEL:  You’re paranoid, these guys wouldn’t try to kill a couple of cops.

DET. HUTCHENS: First, they don’t know we’re cops and second that wouldn’t stop them anyway.

DET. GABRIEL: I rigged the bag with a “screamer”. Shit goes sour, you’ll see me pull out what looks like a key fob, just cover your ears. Looks like we’re here.

The two vehicles pull into an ally behind some old run down row houses. There are a few street lights but they flicker on and off. They enter the house through a back door and are standing in a kitchen.

The kitchen is grimey. It was covered in the kind of dirt that makes your hair feel greasy just looking at it. You’d half expect some methed out bitch with a screaming baby on her hip to walk out from a another room and offer you a blowski for a fiver.

Two of the thugs walk into another room while the “leader sits down at the table with Hutchens and Gabriel.

THUG #1: So, you two fuckers wanna know about the Exploder huh? You two cops or just stupid?

DET. GABRIEL: Stupid I guess. The Exploder took out my brother Bayne and…well I would like to have a talk with him.

THUG #1: And what’s your story sweet cheeks? How do you fit into all this?

DET. HUTCHENS: Bayne was my fiance.

THUG #1: Whatever, you two give me the money and I’ll introduce you to Petey.

Gabriel puts a gym bag on the table.

DET. GABRIEL: There ya go.

THUG #1: Petey!

The two thugs from earlier, along with a new guy (Danny Trejo) come running into the room with shot guns. The thug at the table grabs Hutchens and keeps her in a choke hold.

THUG #1: Now here’s how this is going to go down Fallons. You’re gonna leave the bag full of money on the table and this purdy little lady here with us. In the mean time you’re going to go get another ten grand and bring it back here otherwise no one’s ever gonna see this chick again.

DET. GABRIEL: Where the fuck am I supposed to get 10 K from chief?

THUG # 1: I don’t give a shit where it comes from, just get it!

Gabriel holds up his key fob and looks at Hutchens. Hutchens covers her ears and the high decibel non-lethal device starts emitting a high pitch noise.

Hutchens drops to the floor and rolls back toward the door, then she and Gabriel run outside and take a posistion behind the car. The noise stops and the four thugs come running out of the house.

PETEY: Kill that fucking bitch! Rip her god damned tits off then feed that fuckin gringo his own balls.

Gun fire begins cutting through the night, Hutchens and Gabriel are pinned down and shooting at the thugs.

Behind the thugs a shadowy figure drops into view from the roof of the house. He grabs Thug #2 by his head and snaps his neck. Grabbing his shot gun he turns and fire two shots at Thug # 2, hitting him in the elbow and blowing off his fore arm.


PETEY: ¡Ay Dios Mío! It’s that fucking puta The Exploder!

Hutchens and Gabriel make a break for it and get into a better position to take down Thug #1. Hutchens shoots him in the thigh while Gabriel gets close and cuffs him.

Petey runs around the side of the house and across the street into an abandoned church.

INT: CHURCH- The church is run down, no lights and the moon is shining in through the stain glass. It was at one point a Catholic church and all of the statues are in disarray. Petey hides under one of the pews and loads his pistols.

The Exploder walks into the church holding the shot gun and for the first time we see his face. Over the right side of his face he has a long jagged scar.

——–I have as of now lost interest in completing this. Maybe I will finish it later but probably not.

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