An American Gladiator Halloween

As many of you well know a few months ago we did a story about where three of the greatest American heroes, the American Gladiators, Turbo, Gemini and Malibu ended up in their lives. Since our story was published there has been a renewed interest in the Gladiators, so much so that both Spike and ESPN Classic are rebroadcasting classic AG episodes. We took the time to contact these three great men and asked them to join us for a special reunion.

Now that we have all three of them together again they would like nothing more than to reenact their first Halloween together as American Gladiators.


gemini6.jpg: Hey dudes, well tomorrow’s Halloween. I say we get some awesome costumes and go get some candy. FUCK YEAH!

turbo5.jpg: Ha ha, right on brother, you know what that’s about.

: You two are both so fuckin stupid. You guys should just hang out and work on blasting your pecs. I mean, look at my pecs. They are blasted to bejesus and back, but I am gonna bang out at least 12 more sets.

turbo5.jpg: That’s because you’re a cranked up steroid freak and an over compensating homosexual.

gemini6.jpg: Cool it dudes. You two squabbling are totally ruining the true spirit of Halloween!!!

: Oh what? The true spirit of Halloween?

turbo5.jpg: Yeah! Tell us more Gemini!

gemini6.jpg: Alright dudes. Calm down. Along time ago, like more than fifty years or so, there were these dudes in Europe…

turbo5.jpg:Yeah! The Final Countdown!

gemini6.jpg: No dude, not that Europe, the one that’s like a lame America.

: Been across the desert on a horse with no name?

gemini6.jpg:Both you dudes just shut up…Gawl! Anyway over in Europe there were these completely radical dudes called the Druids. They were so cool though they should have been called the Dude-Ids. Anyway dudes, they would get all hopped up on some kind of shit like Colt 45 or some shit and put on costumes. Then they would go around to people and scare them into giving them candy!

: Whoa!!! That’s Badass!!!

gemini6.jpg:Doi dude! No fakesies.

turbo5.jpg: Ha ha ha you said fakesies.

gemini6.jpg: So come on dudes, lets make some costumes and get some candy and shit dudes.

ghal2.png : I’m gonna be a bad ass bird Gemini.

gemini6.jpg: That’s the spirit dude. Be a bird dude. Birds are coolio dude.

: That bird costume is as lame as Gemini’s mom after I did her last night.

gemini6.jpg: Not cool dude. Not cool. What are you gonna be anyway dude?

ghal3.png: Evil Malibu with a giant ax!

gemini6.jpg: Yeah dude. Now you dudes are all cool for trick or treating!!!

ghal2.png: What are you going to go as Gemini?

gemini6.jpg: That’s a great question bird man Turbo dude. I was thinking…

ghal4.png :…”Bandit” Bo Darville DUDES!

ghal2.png: Hell yeah! That’s fucking sweet.
ghal3.png: Sweet as shit buddy. I wish I would have thought of it!!!

ghal4.png: Thanks dudes, but it aint no thang but a chicken wang on a strang. We need to go get some candy.

The End!

Click here for the new Gladiators

2 responses to “An American Gladiator Halloween

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  2. Dude, that is the sweetest fucking bird costume I’ve ever seen.

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