Mumm-Ra and Krang go Trick or Treating


Trick or treat bitches!

mumm.jpg: Krang and I love Halloween. Hell we don’t even have to dress up. I go as a mummy and Krang goes as The Fiend Without A Face. We always seem to get good candy.

krang2.gif: If some one refuses us candy we just unleash the fury of the Technodrome on their asses. No one is safe if my craving for Tootsie Roll Pops is not appeased!

mumm.jpg: Exactly! That or we tic-tac their houses and Krang leave bags of flaming poo on their front steps!
krang2.gif: Wait, what’s wrong with the bag of my flaming shit? Where I come from that is how we dispose of our fecal matter.
mumm.jpg: Well here on Earth were people are not all insane little pink brains with arms we don’t just leaving our burning truds lying around unless we are trying to anger the person who lives in the residence where said shit is set ablaze.

krang2.gif:None of that matters. I am the mighty Krang. I shat where I like when I like, usually in a brown paper bag and then to be environmentally conscious I set it on fire to burn away into nothing.

mumm.jpg: Well if you keep that up people are going to figure that they are going to get shit bagged whether they make with the candies or not. Who is going to give us tasty treats if that’s the case. Then you’ll have no Tottsie Pops.

krang2.gif:I SHALL HAVE ALL THE TOOTSIE POPS I SO DESIRE!!! For I am the mighty Krang.
mumm.jpg:Oh shut up. Face it Krang we haven’t been terrifying or hell, even thought about since the early nineties. No one is going to just give us yum-yums because of that. We have to coax the delicious treats from them, hence why we ask “Trick or treat?” We are in essence giving the person an ultimatum. If they don’t give us sugary godness then we shit bomb them, or egg their house or something else just as devious.
krang2.gif:Like raping their house pets!!!

mumm.jpg: That’s a little extreme, but sure…why not.


:Well lets hit the damn road then. Trick or treat you sons of bitches!!!

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