An Open Letter to the “Tea Parties”

Hi there,

I hear that you all are calling yourselves “revolutionaries” now. That’s real nice. Really, I mean how could people not consider you revolutionaries? You’ve all endured such hardship imposed on you by a completely unfair government right?

You’re all going hungry and without proper medical care and you’re all out of work right? You are being threatened and your family members are being hauled away never to be heard from again because they choose to invoke their freedom of speech correct?

I mean commonly, historically these are the kinds of circumstances that are in place for a revolution to begin but that’s not really the case is it? I mean sure that’s what your top psychopathic “leaders” like “I’m too fat to have ever Rushed anywhere” Limbaugh, Sarah “I quit my job for no good reason because I’m a Hypocrite and a coward” Palin and Glenn “I Huff Air Plane Glue and Satan Lives In My Fingernail” Beck try and make us believe but it just isn’t what’s going on.

I would even be willing to bet that 99.9% of you Tea Party Kool-Aid drinkers are employed with fantastic health benefits and a sizable (though I’m sure you’re bitching about it) 401(k). I am also fairly confident that none of you are going hungry and as far as freedom of speech, well, look at you. So really, what the hell are you revolting against? You aren’t revolutionaries, you’re spoiled brat crybabies, nothing more and that is all you’ll ever be.

Let me tell you a little story about the last 18 months of my life. First I had to leave a job I truly loved and move 1700 miles back to my parents house. The job I loved was as a car salesman, I went from selling an average of 15 – 20 cars a month to 3 cars a month and after a few months of that I couldn’t afford to buy groceries and pay my rent so, I had to pack up my very pregnant wife, my 1-year-old little girl and all of my belongings I didn’t have to sell to get enough money to make the trip and drive home. Now, my sales technique hadn’t changed, I was still honest and upfront with customers and tried more to help them choose the right car rather than the one that made me the most money, so why was I selling fewer cars? Oh that’s right, its because your beloved G.O.P. allowed our once strong economy to fall in the toilet. It was also because you people with your shady investing (to grow your 401(k) no doubt) put our country in a massive credit crunch and no one could get approved for a car loan.

Once I was back home, I was excited that only after 5 weeks of looking I was able to find another job selling cars. 5 months I had that job until myself and three other salesmen got laid off because the entire company only moved 12 cars in the two previous months. I was fortunate once again to get a job selling motorcycles, but after six months the entire staff got cut to 2 days a week. That’s right, I was laid off from two jobs in the last year. Now I have a wife and three little girls and no health insurance. Thankfully Pennsylvania’s ACCESS program ensures that my children have coverage but I still don’t. I was eventually able to scrape enough money together to start my own business, which is starting to do alright, but I can’t afford coverage.

So you people are bitching again why? Because President Obama and his political allies want to offer low or no cost health care to people, because you people that make over $100k a year don’t want to pay your taxes? Well, I have been trying to remain somewhat civil here but FUCK YOU. Fuck you.

Who are you to tell me that my wife and I don’t deserve medical coverage or that anyone else doesn’t for that matter? You don’t want to pay taxes on your huge fortunes, I hope you die in a fiery horrible death. Based on what I have been making since I opened my shop it will take my 8 years total to earn $100k and I don’t complain when the government takes their share because I know that money is going into other programs that will hopefully help us as a country.

Our country is in the worst shape its been in since the Great Depression because of shit that your guy let happen. You can scream about “that Kenyan Muslim Hitler” spending all your tax money on his communist programs, but it was YOUR retarded “W.” that let this shit happen in the first place.

I am sick and tired of you people hiding behind Jesus and “family values” and what you perceive as the American Way and trying to tell the rest of the country they’re wrong and that the country needs a revolution. What this country needs is for all of you ignorant, propaganda spilling douche-bags to be taken out and executed, not because your beliefs are different than my own, oh no that would be selfish of me, but because your beliefs are so fucked up that I don’t want you to continue to infect the gene pool. Maybe, just maybe if your bass ackwards DNA is removed from the world we can evolve in to a better species. Oh wait a minute, you don’t believe in that either. That’s yet another reason I am pro-choice, maybe if all of your mothers had had the god damned sense to abort all of you we wouldn’t be in the state we’re in.

In summary, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Here’s something to think about the next time ou want to call yourself revolutionaries, The Cubans are ruled by revolutionaries as are the Chinese, the Iranians, the former Soviet union and almost every country ou people love to hate and though I might not agree with their political ideologies, they really did have pretty shitty situations to revolt against.

One response to “An Open Letter to the “Tea Parties”

  1. amen brother lets quit talking and do something about it the fucking is over

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