SNYDER: Major Announcement.

On the heels of the major success of “Droppin’ Balls with SNYDER” during Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve King Dut, Turbo, Groz, Bodie and Black Cimba decided to begin work on an entirely new album. The band purchased the former Redwood Restaurant in Summerhill, Pa and converted it into rehearsal space and recording studio.

When long time SNYDER fan Dave Mustaine heard the band was going to be spending at least two months working in the studio writing songs and rehearsing before actually recording he suggested they bring in world-renowned film maker Clyde Lingenfelter to make a documentary about the band.

When Clyde arrived at the compound he expected to see rock n’ roll excess and tensions within the band but what he got was so much more than what he bargained for. The result is the 6 hour and 22 minute opus entitled “SNYDER: Keep ‘Em Coming”.

This outstanding film covers the entire career of the band from its inception in a Liberty Park basement in 1978 to its current state in 2010. The definitive 32 year history of the band pulls no punches when exposing the line up changes of the band including interviews with all 17 current and former members of the band, their 9 different managers as well as celebrity interviews with Dave Mustaine, Pete Steele, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Stephen Pearcy, Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Vince Neil, Axl Rose, Slash, Bruce Kulick, Rob Halford, Glenn Danzig, Terry Bollea, Randall Poffo, Andre Young, Tracy Marrow, Curtis Jackson, Tom Waits, Billy Squire, Donnie Iris, Eddie Trunk, Howard Stern, Conan O’Brein and many others.

Without a doubt SNYDER is one of the most influential bands to have ever performed leaving their mark on almost all genres of music and lending inspiration to almost every band in the last 25 years. This intimate look at the band explores their love/hate relationships with each other and shines a light on an organization that is united in brotherhood and torn apart by business dealings.

All of the greatest comedies are based on tragedies of human emotion and the story of SNYDER is no different. This band has had to deal with treason, death, loss, glory, fame, drug addiction, sex addiction, accusations and ultimately triumph  in the face of adversity.

Accompanying the Blu-Ray and DVD release of this epic story will be a cd box set including all eight SNYDER cds as well as a brand new live compilation from their “Droppin’ Balls with SNYDER” performance of their classic hits and four band new studio tracks.

If you love music, if you love SNYDER, if you love America you owe it to yourself to own this fantastic documentary of a band built on a dream and fueled by a vision.

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