Alice Cooper/ Rob Zombie look alike contest.

Last night some friends of the site and I went on an assignment for my real job to host the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie look a-like contest at the Windber Hotel. The Windber Hotel is located in Windber at 502 15th Street. We started off the evening with a round of Guinness and some of the best wings I’ve ever had, it was awesome. Around 9 o’clock is was time to start the evenings festivities.

Laurie and I

Jeremy and I

The first event of the evening was Alice Cooper/ Rob Zombie trivia, which actually went surprisingly…well.. bad. I wrote all the questions, but I guess my knowledge of both guys is a little too deep and creepy because no one got all the answers. It also sucked because people didn’t understand they needed to write the answers down and not shout them out, so really, everyone had the same answers. It was still fun and we drank more beer. The next part of the night was the look-a-like contest.

From left to right, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Rob Zombie on a Thursday.

After a few rounds of judging the winners were Alice and the rob furthest on the left. As it turns out, Alice was a professional Alice Cooper impersonator and he REALLY looked and sounded the part.

The Winners

After the look-a-like contest we played a game called “What’s in Alice’s Pants”? Alice Cooper gave us a pair of his pants that he wore on stage and autographed to give away. We hid something in his pants and gave clues all night to what it was, at the end of the night everyone put their guesses in a drawing and the winner got his pants.

What's in Alice's pants

At the end of the night we hung out, drank a few more beers and got some more pictures.

me and rob


jeremy and alice

laurie and alice

me and alice

The rest of this weekend should be pretty exciting too. Sunday is the Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh, expect pictures, and the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie concert.


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