The Worst WORST Halloween Costumes for 2010

Every year year Halloween promises candy, trick-or-treating, pranks, drunken misbehaving, slutty costumes and the possibility of sexing up someone in a costume you thought was someone else because they are wearing the same costume as someone else. It also brings A LOT of shitty shitty, lame costumes.

When you see them you can’t really do anything but laugh. Not because they’re funny but because the only other reaction is murder. Sweet satisfying murder.


10)  Jackhammer Jackoff

"Hey everyone...I like to JACK OFF. Get it? Do you get it? Do any of you like me?

Obviously this guy really REALLY wants you too look at his crotch. Ladies, pay special attention, this is just a village people outfit with a huge phallic jackhammer. The only thing Jack wants to hammer is man-ass.

9) Yo mama’s a ho…and I’m pimpin her.

Little Pimpin, Toasted Cheese

I personally don’t have a problem with this get up. You gotta make dat money little playa, but some people might see a a 10 year old in pimpin duds, smackin around some prepubescent ho for Fun Dip and take a little offense. That’s ok, if someone is offended Mini Thunder here will smack the shit out of em, and he aint afraid to shake a bitch.

8) Alien Chicken or maybe chicken alien?

What in god's name is this?

Obviously home made, very cool, very weird…kinda sexy? No? That’s wrong. This just hurts my brain.

7) Awesome Tito Jackson wig?

I'm Rick James Bitch! I mean of Rick James fucked Lionel Richie and they had a baby. Do you guys like me?

6) Lobster Baby!

You can actually hear them scream when you drop em in!

Ugh. Cute baby, but why would you do this? If that kid shits it’ll ruin that pot.

5) The not so shocking shocker

I'M IN COLLEGE!!! Get it? Do you get it? Do any of you like me?

You won’t be shocked by the collar popping douche bag that thinks this is funny enough to drop 40 clams on. I promise this guy goes home alone at the end of the night and jerks off to pictures of Snookie.

4) Noodle dick

Yo girl, you like sausage on your noodles? Good cause my penis is small.

Yep…yep. Do i even need to comment?

3) Baby, baby…oh baby.

Baby baby oh baby

"I had sex with all of these baby dolls".

This dude is the creepiest fucking thing I have ever seen. He’s like a golem made of dead babies.

2) Lumberjack Jackoff

“Hey everyone…I GOT WOOD!!! LOOK AT MY PECKER!!!. Get it? Do you get it? Do any of you like me?

This is the guy no one invited to the party. Well…maybe baby doll costume guy invited him to seem less creepy but lets all admit, this guy’s a jackass. He was almost number 1……………Almost.

1) WTF?!?!?!?!


This is so gay AIDS is afraid of getting in. I just don’t know what else…I’m having fucking nightmares about this right now while I’m awake. What is it even supposed to be?

Enjoy your Halloween folks. Be safe.

One response to “The Worst WORST Halloween Costumes for 2010

  1. I want to get INSIDE that!

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