Kicker of Ass of the Week- 10/18/10

Ladies and gents it has been quite a while since I have honored anyone with this title. In fact I believe the last time I did was January 15th of 09 and that honor went to Ricardo Montalban. Sure there have been people since then that I have thought about honoring, but really, not enough to actually do it. That is until I rediscovered TradeMark Gunderson.

To borrow from his bio “TradeMark G. (aka Mark Gunderson) is a musician and artist, perhaps best known as founder of the band The Evolution Control Committee in 1986. He is also a culture jammer, equipment designer, software designer, and organizer.”

I first discovered TradeMark when I was in college, in “art school” to sound like a pretentious jackass, when I heard “Rocked By Rape” for the first time.

I was so blown away by this thing. It inspired me to start Earplug with a couple of friends mixing and mashing all kinds of shit together to make music. Eventually I started to do some research on Mark when I learned about his stance on copyrights and I was an instant fan.

Even two months ago if you’d have asked me who influenced me most I would probably have given you a list of guitarists, artists and writers, and while its true that I respect all of them and they have all influenced me, the more I think about it, no one man has been more influential in developing how my creativity works than TradeMark G.

Because I can’t thank him enough, he is the Kicker of Ass of the Week.


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