Steel City Con winter 2010

Here it is, time once again for the twice-annual Steel City Comic-Com. If you don’t know or have never been to it, there is a winter con that is always around Christmas and a warm weather con that is always sometime in summer. Both are cool, but they have their differences. The winter con usually has more dealers and more impressive guests, but the summer cons seem to have better deals. My solution? GO TO BOTH!

Fellow Heystupid writer and longtime friend, The JaGe went with me as he has to the last few, and per our normal fashion, the night before the show we spent getting hammered in Pittsburgh and staying up way too late, virtually ensuring we would be groggy and hungover.

The JaGe

We woke up early and got to Monroeville in time to join some other friends of ours at the local Bob Evans for what essentially turned in to an orgy of eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, biscuits, pancakes, gravy, coffee and hot sauce. It was most excellent.

As we left the Bob Evans to head to the con, I got a rumblin in my tummy and I knew that between the booze and hot pepper chili dogs from last night and the breakfast this morning, I would be destroying a toilet very, very soon. I did however manage to snap a picture of an awesome truck as I ran toward the crapper. I did manage to snap this cool truck.

Trek Truck

After my bathroom emergency, in which I destroyed a toilet and frightened a pirate by yelling “Avast! Fire the ass cannon off the port bowel! Yar!” while pooping, I cleaned myself up and decided to walk through the con at a more relaxed pace.

Lego Darth Vader does too!

Lego Darth Vader does too!

We were greeted by our old friends, Lego Darth Vader and Lego Spider-Man, a welcome sight! happy to see that we were there early enough that it wasn’t too crowded yet.

Tusken Raider

The early morning crowd was pretty slim

Santa's Little Zombie Helper.

Now, I love zombies, I love hot chicks, and I love Christmas, I think it goes with out saying that I NEEDED to stop here.

I asked the man "why does it stink inside this mask", his reply "Aye it smells of the ocean deep".

As we rounded the corner into the next vendor row I came upon two guys selling Luchador masks. I was actually really interested in a mask that looked like a crazy version of Captain America, but the Shark Boy mask was autographed and came with a free toy. Really? What would you have done? I slipped the mask on and was instantly happy. I smiled the entire time I wore it, but the first thing I noticed was that it smelled real bad inside. I said “why does it stink in here?” and he replied “Aye it smells of the ocean deep”. Think what he meant to say is it smells like vomit.

Ace Frehley

Naked toy orgy

It never ever fails, every year there are at least two tables that are hawking piles of naked toys. I had almost made a full lap when I found this one. Could it be that the epidemic of naked toys was being solved?

I pity da fool that don't finish this jigsaw!

Don't ever get bored with this Babylon 5 Board Game!

Another naked toy orgy

Ah finally! I was starting to worry there for a second!

My Back Pack's Got Jets

My Back Pack's Got Jets

Clone Troopers

Death Star Janitor


Mistress of the Boobs!

Fortune Teller Fish I got from a zombie.


Magnavox Odyssey 200

I didn't even know they made these but at least it comes with removable costume



Also, I don't like nobody touching me. Now, any of you homos touch me, and I'll kill you.

After we made a couple laps at the con, we decided to head over to Galaxy Toys in the Monroeville Mall to walk through the “Maul of Fame”. I mean when you’re already at the home of the Zombie Apocalypse, I think its a trip you pretty much have to make.

zombie posters

I think this guy was my fourth grade science teacher.


Hey Bill, whatta ya doing? Not much Flannel Frank, Just hanging out looking like Uncle Fester.

May I be of assistance ma'am?

He's a Thriller!

I've always been a leg man!

Once I got home I decided to take a look at my spoils from this years con.

Buzz-Off, Stinkor, Clawful, Mekaneck and Ram-Man

Land Shark


Mantenna, Hordak, Leech and Grizzlor

Mutagen Man and Rocksteady

Ray Fillet, Groundchuck and Night Ninja Bebop

Shark Boy, Throttle and Mumm-Ra

Shark Boy Mask

Now as you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t really get the chance, and by that I mean feel like paying, for photos with all the celebrity guests, so I am going to borrow a bunch from the guys over at Iron Sirens, so you can check them out. PLEASE CHECK OUT THE IRON SIRES WEB PAGE AND SUPPORT THEIR COMIC BOOK!

Pirates, Sirens and Star Wars

Deadpool, Mary Marvel and the Sirens

Lou Ferrigno and the girls.

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Who you gonna call?

Brunno Samartino and the girls

Daniel Logan, AKA Young Boba Fetter

Well that’s it for our adventure to the 2010 winter Steel City Con, be sure to check it out on your own!

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