The Magic and The Power of Value It.

I spent some time as the owner of a computer repair, computer recycling shop. Due to lack of funds I had to have it located in what was essentially an overgrown indoor flea market. While not the best for business, it was AWESOME for all the crap I found. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

What the piss is Donkey Party?

Ain't no party like a Donkey Party!!! Especially an extra large one.

They see me rollin', they hatin'!

This guy shits in your cereal

Hunka Hunka burnin herpes.

What else can I really say?

This platter was excavated from a site just outside of the Valley of the Kings, it is dated from the 16th century BC. JoPa was old then.

If you put this in your house don't be surprised when it murders you.


Its like...well...I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Bali Mangthi Kali Ma. Shakthi Degi Kali Ma. Kali ma... Kali ma... Kali ma, shakthi deh!

Bali Mangthi Kali Ma. Shakthi Degi Kali Ma. Kali ma... Kali ma... Kali ma, shakthi deh!


Udderly Fantastic

You can't give something and then take it back. I mean, what are you...

What the hell is this? Ohhhhhh...Its obviously a sex cake.

How is black face offensive when this isn't?

Hold my hand and I'll walk with you...TO HELL!!!

Santa Clause is commin' to rape you.

I'm in love.

Who knew Dracula was a greaser?

I am pretty sure this dude is the drummer for Oasis.

 Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.


Yeah baby, come see what Daddy Buddha has for you.

Watch this, you're gonna love my nuts!


Well, I sure hope you enjoyed this. I have many more strange horrors from the Value-It to share with you, so be sure to stop back often.

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